To receive services, you must first register with a Disability Advisor on your campus.

Steps to follow

Call 705.560.6673 ext. 2020 at the Sudbury campus or contact the Disability Advisor at your campus to request an appointment.

You are responsible for providing official documentation confirming functional limitations related to your specific needs. You can receive services for special needs that are permanent or temporary.

Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, students are not required to disclose their diagnosis for academic accommodations. However, the documentation provided must confirm the impact (or functional limitations) that the diagnosis or special need may have on their academic performance.

Disability documentation must be from an authorized professional with expertise in the appropriate specialty. (Eg psychiatrist, physician, nurse practitioner, psychologist, audiologist, optometrist, etc.)

Need a form? 

If you need a medical form to confirm a medical or mental health condition, click on the following link:

Interim academic accommodations may be established for students who are awaiting documentation.

If you do not have official documentation, your Disability Advisor will assist you in taking steps to identify your needs and obtain documentation.