Health services are offered to Boréal students by a nurse practitioner who is committed to the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.

The scope of her practice includes the complete physical examination of patients, lab requests, ultrasounds, x-rays, and prescription medication. When needed, the nurse practioner consults with doctors, other health professionals, and community organizations and/or she refers the client to other professionals

Services offered include the following areas:

  • minor episodic illnesses (i.e. respiratory illnesses)
  • sexual health (i.e. contraceptives, sexual transmitted diseases, pregnancies, Pap tests)
  • mental health (counselling, follow-up, and referrals)
  • chronic illnesses (counselling, follow-up, and referrals)
  • preventative health care (complex examinations, diagnoses, and immunisations)
  • health promotion (support groups, workshops, health fairs)

Health promotion services and counselling are offered locally.