Learning Strategies (LS) are tools and suggestions that provide you with different approaches to studying and understanding course material.


Learning Strategies

There are various learning strategies, such as:

  • exam preparation
  • time management
  • in-class notetaking
  • increase your attention in the classroom
  • and many others!


Adaptive Technologies

Adaptive Technologies (AT) are equipment or software that will help you to:

  • understand the course material;
  • study;
  • read and write;
  • organize your time;
  • block distractions to better focus on your studies;
  • perform tasks by minimizing the effects of your special need.


Here are some technologies used in college:

  • speech-to-text

Siri, Medialxie, Windows Speech Recognition, Dragon Dictation, etc.

  • text-to-speech

Kurzweil, Word Q, Google Read & Write, Free Natural Reader etc.

  • word prediction

Word Q, Medialxia, etc.

  • mind mapping

Inspiration, Edraw Mind Map, Mind Meister, etc.

  • correctors

Antidote, Medialexie, etc.

  • organization and studies

Anki, ColdTurkey, EverNote, Flashcard Elite, and many others