Adult Learning Centre

Don't have what you need? Collège Boréal's Adult Learning Centre allows you to:

  • complete the prerequisite courses needed to enroll in a post-secondary or an apprenticeship program;
  • earn your grade 12 equivalence;
  • improve essential skills for employment and/or education; and
  • improve oral communication skills in French or in English.

Academic and Career Entrance (ACE)
The ACE certificate is recognizLed as the equivalent to having completed grade 12. Clients may acquire credits in one or several subjects, such as French, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Technology. See below for the list of available courses.

Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS)
The LBS program offers various courses and workshops based on client needs, allowing them to update their essential skills. See below for the list of available courses.

We’ll help you build a customized training program!
Your customized training program allows you to follow a full-time or part-time schedule, benefit from ongoing registration, and access many college services. Classes are offered in person, online or in hybrid mode. Learning materials are provided free of charge, and financial assistance is available to cover the cost of academic credential assessments, accommodations for people with learning disabilities and special needs, transportation services, and child-care.

Clients that are registered full-time in the ACE program can receive a bursary from Collège Boréal to allow them to pursue one post-secondary course per semester in a program of their choosing.

We are here for you with office locations across Ontario!
Our trained experts will offer you the support and encouragement you need to succeed. Contact us at 705-560-6673 or 1-800-361-6673, ext. 3085 or by email at




  • Comprehension

  • Form and Conventional Texts

  • Research, Intention, and Form

  • Organization

  • Writing Process

  • Presentation

  • Interaction

  • Active Listening

  • Analysis

  • Production

  • Word Processor

  • Spreadsheets

  • Presentation Software

  • Web Design

  • Database Software

  • File Management

  • Electronic Communication

  • Electronic Research

  • Internet Ethics

  • Self-Awareness
  • Critical Thinking
  • Accountability
  • Objectives
  • Learning Strategies
  • Organizational Skills
  • Group Work
  • College Services
  • Community Engagement
  • Continuing Education
  • Numeration and Algebra

  • Relations

  • Statistics and Probability

  • Measurement and Geometry

  • Analytic Geometry

  • Simple and Compound Interest

  • Everyday Math

  • Numeration and Algebra

  • Measurement and Geometry

  • Proportional Reasoning

  • Analytic Geometry

  • Relations and Functions

  • Trigonometric Functions

  • Statistics and Probability

  • Personal and Work Finances

  • Sequences and Series

  • Exponential Growth

  • Sequences

  • Arithmetic Series

  • Geometrical Series

  • Simple Interest

  • Compound Interest

  • Annuities

  • Data Collection

  • Data Organization

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Presentation

  • Sales and Purchases

  • Commissions

  • Factorization and Polynomials

  • Linear Equations

  • Equation Systems

  • Regular Expressions

  • Complexes and Radicals

  • Quadratics

  • Logarithms

  • Trigonometry

  • Cell Theory and Cell Parts

  • Cellular Processes

  • Virus, Bacteria, and Protist Reproduction

  • Biotechnology Viruses and Bacteria

  • Musculoskeletal System

  • Respiratory, Circulatory, and Nervous Systems

  • Lymphatic and Immune Systems

  • Population Growth

  • Digestive System

  • Reproductive System

  • Nervous and Endocrine systems

  • Plant Classification

  • Plant Structure and Physiology

  • Plant Industry

  • Food Chains

  • Biogeochemical Cycles

  • Particle Theory and Matter

  • Lewis Structures

  • Periodical Table

  • Process Qualitative Analysis

  • Ionic and Covalent Bonds

  • Chemical Equation writing and Prediction

  • Nomenclature

  • Mole

  • Stoichiometry

  • Electrochemistry

  • Oxidation and Reduction Reactions

  • Organic Compounds

  • Gases 101

  • Acids and Bases

  • Forces and Movement

  • Work, Energy, Power and Machines

  • Light and Optics

  • Electricity and Magnetism

  • Acoustic Waves and Sound

  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems