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We offer a number of Apprenticeship programs through a variety of learning models.

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Through practical learning experiences, apprenticeship programs allow individuals to gain vocational training while working in their field. Participants in an apprenticeship program are called apprentices.

This training includes a practical component primarily offered in the workplace by an employer (the sponsor) and a theoretical component usually provided by a community college or another recognized training institution. Apprentices acquire the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes required through theoretical learning experience and by completing various duties related to the field under the supervision of qualified individuals. Generally, an apprenticeship can be completed in 2 to 5 years. Upon completion of both the theoretical and practical components of the program, apprentices receive their apprenticeship certification from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. In certain circumstances, when the trade requires it, apprentices may need to pass a general competency test to obtain a professional qualification certificate. Apprenticeships are a win-win situation; apprentices earn a salary while training and employers benefit from motivated employees.

To register, you must:

  • find a sponsor (an employer) who has agreed to provide you with apprenticeship training in your chosen trade;
  • contact a counselor in a MTCU apprenticeship office. To locate your local Employment Ontario apprenticeship office, visit, or visit the Ministry website at for more information;
  • contact Boréal’s Admissions Office at 1.800.361.6673, ext. 3003, or to enroll

For the complete list of apprenticeship programs offered and start dates, please see the following document.