College Life

The Hearst campus is conveniently located in the town’s centre with its many community services and affordable cost of living. In this region, you will be able to enjoy an active outdoor life and discover the most breathtaking forests and bodies of water. Whatever the season, there is a lot to explore in and around Hearst.

You will also find many great restaurants near the campus, as well as a movie theatre, a public pool, a fitness centre, and a recreation centre boasting two skating rinks – everything to get you involved and live your college years to the fullest. Also located next to the campus is the Conseil des Arts de Hearst, where Boréal students can attend various musical and theatrical performances throughout the year.

Alive with a wealth of culture and sports and overflowing with the contagious energy of its Franco-Ontarian community, Hearst invites you to enjoy its wide range of social, cultural, and artistic activities.

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64, 9e rue, C.P. 818
Hearst ON P0L 1N0

Phone: 705-362-6673