Entente de règlement des droits de scolarité
(Tuition Fee Payment Agreement for full-time students)

This form must be filled out and signed by all students enrolled in a postsecondary program. With this form, students choose a tuition payment method. Students can print the form, fill it out, and return it to the campus of their choice to make their tuition payment though the desired method. Students can also make a tuition payment from the Mon Boréal student portal. Students can also contact the Registrar by email at registrariat@collegeboreal.ca or by phone 1 (800) 361-6673 to make a payment or update their information to complete the registration process.

BAR-006 Divulgation de renseignements personnels et scolaires
(Disclosure of Personal and Academic Information)

As a government organization, Collège Boréal is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This law protects students from the disclosure of private information. Collège Boréal will not disclose any information about a student or his or her academic file to anyone without the written permission of said student.

BAR-009 Déclaration de compétences linguistiques BAR-009-declaration-de-competences-linguistiques
(Declaration of Language Skills)

To succeed in their program, Students must be able to communicate in French and in English, both speaking and written. The Declaration of Language Skills must be signed and added to the student’s academic file.

BAR-011 Formulaire d’auto-identification
(Self identification Form)

The Self Identification Form helps to identify scholarships and learning support services for which students qualify.

Other forms:

BAR-014 Annulation – Retrait de programme

BAR-016 Ajout ou retrait de cours

BAR-017 Demande de relevé de notes officiel (Request for Official Transcripts)

BAR-018 Barème de notation (FRA et ANG) (Scoring Scheme FR/EN)

BAR-019 Demande d’obtention de diplôme ou certificat (Diploma or Certificate Request)

BAR-022 Demande de transfert de crédits (Request for Credit Transfer)

BAR-024 Demande de reconnaissance des acquis (RDA) (Request for Prior Learning Assessment)

BAR-024B (RDAI) Demande de reconnaissance des acquis sur l’intégralité du programme (RDAi)

BAR-029 Demande de transfert en bloc (Request for Block Credit Transfer)

Request for Services – Special Needs

Students with special needs can request services by filling out and submitting this form.

Immunisation Forms

The 4 following programs require specific forms: