How can I make a claim through Collège Boréal’s Student Insurance for prescriptions or medical services? 

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Only full-time Canadian students who have paid the health insurance fees included in incidental expenses can make a claim.

Steps to make a claim:
Students are responsible for obtaining and paying for the prescriptions or the medical service.

  1. Students must complete the Formulaire de demande de règlement pour soins médicaux maladie et accidents. It is also available in print form at campus Reception desks and AGEE offices, as well as the Student Services Department (Sudbury campus only).
  2. Students must have this form signed by an authorized employee at a campus Reception desk. It is also possible to obtain this signature by sending the form to the email address:
  3. Students must send the completed and signed form with original proof of purchase directly to the insurer at the following address:

Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
199 Bay Street, Suite 2500
PO Box 139, Commerce Court Postal Station
Toronto, ON M5L 1E2

1.416.594.2627 or 1.877.337.9494 (toll-free)

*Some pharmacies send invoices directly to the insurer.

Please read carefully the CHUBB claim form instructions.


Insurance plan for international students


International students have access to the Morcare insurance plan

Steps to make a claim:

  1. Applicable to full-time students who have a Canadian student visa.
  2. The insurance fees are included in the tuition fees.
  3. Students must register online at
  4. Two weeks after registration, the Registrar’s Office will give the student a health insurance card.
  5. Students may use this card to obtain prescriptions or medical services wherever accepted.

If a health service provider or pharmacy does not accept the card, students must pay for their prescriptions or medical services and then submit a claim to the insurance using the online form. Students can obtain a list of local service providers from the insurer.

For more information, please consult the Insurance program for international students.