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  • The minimum entry requirement for a postsecondary program is the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, such as ACE. Candidates 19 years and older who do not have an OSSD or equivalent, may enrol as mature students if they meet all of their respective program requirements. For more information, please see complete program description.

    Please note that the ability to speak French and English and write in both languages is crucial to academic success. Adult candidates (19 and older) who are looking to meet admission requirements in French and English can access the language assessments recognized by the College. Please verify the level/score needed to meet individual program requirements and ensure that your program will accept the chosen assessment. Certain fees may be associated.

  • The equivalent of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) in Quebec or New-Brunswick is the High School Diploma (HSD). To find out more about the equivalence of courses between Ontario and Quebec, New Brunswick or other provinces, please contact the Admissions Office at admissions@collegeboreal.ca.

  • October 2022

    Persons wishing to enroll in an Ontario college program must apply online at ontariocolleges.ca. Applications for the 2023-2024 cycle are available as of October 2022.

    November 1st 2022

    This is the earliest date that colleges may begin to send offers of admission to programs for the upcoming academic year. Offers will continue to be issued until programs are filled or wait-lists are established.

    For those having applied to a limited enrolment program (limited space), precedence is given to applications received prior to February 1st. Applications will be accepted after this date on a first come, first served basis. It is therefore possible to be wait-listed.

    Those having applied to a limited enrolment program must submit all required documentation for the selection process by this date. After this date, applications no longer get equal consideration for admission.

    February 15th 2023

    For limited enrolment programs, admission offers will be considered in the following manner:

    • For applications received prior to February 1st (and whose file have been completed), decisions will be relayed by February 15th.
    • Applications received after February 1st will be processed after those that have met the application deadline.

    May 1st 2023

    Applicants must confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission by this date. Log in to your ontariocolleges.ca account to confirm your offer.

  • High school transcripts or postsecondary transcripts (as the case may be) are necessary to determine eligibility. Candidates who do not provide transcripts will receive a letter explaining why an offer of admission cannot be given. Once the college receives your transcripts, we will advise you of the decision of admission. Please send your documents and transcripts to admissions@collegeboreal.ca.

    If you are currently enrolled in an Ontario high school, your school will automatically send us your transcripts.

    • To access your schedule, you must be officially registered. To do so, you must pay your tuition in full or pay the non-refundable deposit, and you must sign the current tuition settlement agreement.

      Once your payment is received, please allow 24 hours for your registration to be processed and your schedule to be posted in the student portal.

      For more information, or for help understanding or finding your schedule, please visit our video library.

      Your schedule varies depending on whether you are studying full-time or part-time. The number of hours you spend in the classroom depends on your program and student status.

      At Collège Boréal, courses generally take place from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Each program may have a different schedule. You may have classes in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening, and you may even have a free day.

      Boréal en ligne courses combine two learning modes: synchronous (in real time) and asynchronous (offline). Synchronous sessions are held using Zoom, a web conferencing tool that allows for real-time interaction between faculty and students. These web conferences are held weekly or biweekly depending on the program. In addition, they are offered in the evening to accommodate those who work during the day. You are responsible for making yourself available to attend your classes.

      Remember that your class schedule will change each semester, so make sure you are prepared for this change.

      Collège Boréal strives to minimize schedule changes once they are posted to the portal. However, unavoidable situations may affect your course schedule. We appreciate your patience and cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience. 

    • If you receive a conditional admission offer, you must meet the program requirements prior to the program start date. The admission offer will be revoked if you cannot meet these requirements and, as such, you will not be able to enrol.

    • A number of Collège Boréal programs have limited enrolment; the number of available spaces is limited.

      Meeting all program requirements does not guarantee admission. If the number of qualified candidates exceeds the number of places available in a program, the college reserves the right to choose among applicants.

      In order to be considered for a limited enrolment program, applicants must:

      • apply by February 1st (Equal Consideration Date); and
      • submit all documentation required during the application process.

      Admission offers will be issued in the following order to qualified applicants who are:

      • permanent residents of Ontario;
      • permanent residents of another Canadian province; and
      • citizens of other countries.

      This restriction applies to the following programs:

      • Medical Diagnostic Ultrasonography (post diploma) (ECHO)
      • Veterinary Technician (VETQ)
      • Medical Imaging Technology – Radiography (TRMG)

      In order to have equal consideration pour these programs, candidates must apply by February 1st.

    • When all available programs spaces are filled, a reasonable number of candidates are placed on a waiting list. If a slot becomes available, candidates are advised by mail, email, or telephone.

      Please contact the Admissions Office at admissions@collegeboreal.ca to find out your place on the waiting list.