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If you have previously studied at another college or university and would like to apply to transfer those credits towards your program at Collège Boréal, you have THREE OPTIONS: 


What are they?

Transfer credits award you an exemption for a course that you have successfully completed at Collège Boréal or another postsecondary institution. Only courses with a minimum final grade of C or higher than 60% may be processed for transfer credit purposes, except for programs which require a passing grade higher than C. Transfer credit requests are assessed with regard to standards and learning outcomes, similarity to the program’s content or other educational requirements, or applicability to the program’s content.

To apply: Fill out form BAR-022.

Fees: See Service Fees.

2) BLOCK TRANSFER (Advanced placement)

What is it?

An advanced stage block transfer awards you an exemption for a group of credits or courses if they are equivalent to a specific set of results for a course or program you have completed in another institution. It allows the student to begin the program at an advanced

To apply: Fill out form BAR-029.

Frais: See Service Fees.


What is the RDAi?

The RDAi is the result of a process by which an individual requests an overarching assessment of their prior learning as it relates to the program to which they have been officially admitted. This assessment looks at their work and life experience as well as their educational experience and determines to what extent that experience can be converted into official college credits using transfer credit, equivalents or course‑by‑course RDAs. In order to determine what educational credits are appropriate, the RDAi process takes into account the student’s self‑assessment, descriptive records, synthesis activity, portfolio, interview and assessment report. Types of experience eligible for RDAs include work experience, volunteering, workshops, conferences, political activity, sports, social and cultural activities, travel, etc. Currently, the only programs eligible for Collège Boréal’s RDA for the complete program are the Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Personal Support Worker (PSSP) programs.


What are they?

Articulation agreements allow students to obtain their training and achieve their professional goals sooner. Boréal has negotiated a number of articulation agreements with post-secondary institutions across Canada. Discover the opportunities that await you! These agreements may also apply to you if you graduated from a program formely offered by Collège Boréal. 

To apply: Please see the Articulation Agreements section HERE for a complete list of Articulation Agreements. 

Fees: Vary by institution. 

I am currently studying at or have recently graduated from Boréal and would like to continue my studies


What is it?

In the cases when there exists no formal articulation agreement, it may be possible to transfer credits. Most institutions allow students to request an anaylsis of their transcripts to see which credits will be recognized.  

To apply: Please contact the college or university of your choice and ask about their general transfer procedures. 

Fees: Vary by institution.

Please click here for a list of Articulation agreements at Collège Boréal. (English list is under construction). 

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