Those wishing to apply to Collège Boréal must do so via the online Ontario Colleges Application Service at An application allows you up to 5 program choices (no more than 3 at any one college). The application processing fee is $110.00 per candidate, per academic year.

The Ontario Colleges website will transmit application data to the colleges for the following academic year. On or shortly after February 1st, you will be notified of admissions offers by mail to your place of residence. Offers will also be posted online at Each candidate may only confirm one offer online at

If you are not accepted to any of the programs you applied for, Collège Boréal will help you choose you choose a suitable career path.

Contact the Ontario College Application Service:
Ontario College Application Service
60 Corporate Court, Guelph ON  N1G 5J3
Telephone:  1.888.892.2228 (toll free) or 1.519.763.4725

Once you receive your admission offer, go to to confirm your program choice at Collège Boréal!

  • Confirm by May 1st or sooner.
  • Log in to your account using your username and password.
  • Click on “View Offers” under Offers on your Dashboard.
  • Select the offer of admission from Collège Boréal you wish to accept.
  • Click “Accept”.
  • You may only accept (confirm) one admission offer.

Applicants must possess an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, such as ACE. Applicants 19 years and older who do not have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, may be enrolled as a mature student if they possess the program prerequisites. The eligibility requirements differ for every program. Please see program descriptions for more information.

Please note that the ability to speak French and English and write in both languages is crucial to academic success. Adult candidates (19 and older) who are looking to meet admission requirements in French and English can access the language assessments recognized by the College. Please verify the level/score needed to meet individual program requirements and ensure that your program will accept the chosen assessment. Certain fees may be associated.

High school transcripts or postsecondary transcripts (as the case may be) are necessary to determine eligibility. Candidates who do not provide transcripts will receive a letter explaining why an offer of admission cannot be given. Once the college receives your transcripts, we will advise you of the decision of admission.

Those enrolled in upgrading programs such as Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) or Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) must provide all required documentation (transcripts, activity reports, etc.) to their college of choice. Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the start of the academic year, without exception.

Conditional Admission
If you receive a conditional admission offer, you must meet the program requirements prior to the program start date. The admission offer will be revoked if you cannot meet these requirements and, as such, you will not be able to enrol.

The equivalent of the OSSD in Quebec as well as in New Brunswick is the DES (Diplôme d'études secondaires). To find out about course equivalencies between Ontario and Quebec, New Brunswick or other provinces, please contact the Admissions Office at

For more information on the international application process, please click here!

Qualification Assessment
In certain instances, applicants need to have their academic qualifications assessed for Canadian equivalency by one of the following agencies:

ICAS provides reports that help employers, education institutions, immigration officials and community agencies understand the education you completed outside Canada.

WES is a leading provider of research regarding international education and trends. WES is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with international education achieve their higher education and professional goals by evaluating and advocating for the recognition of international education qualifications.

*You must specify that a complete assessment is requested, including course and diploma evaluation.

For limited enrolment programs, admission offers will be issued in the following order to qualified applicants who are:

  • permanent residents of Ontario;
  • permanent residents of another Canadian province; and
  • citizens of other countries.

A transformation has occurred in the post-secondary education system making it more difficult to distinguish between universities and colleges. In the past, higher education in Ontario consisted of universities which conferred degrees and colleges which gave certificates or diplomas.

Here are a few differences between the two systems in Ontario:

  • Generally speaking, programs offered by colleges are not identical to those offered by universities.
  • University studies are theoretical and academic in nature while college studies tend to be more practical and career oriented
  • Universities can grant degrees (bachelor, Master, and doctorate) while colleges grant certificates, diplomas, and in some cases, bachelor degrees.

See the following website for more information:

An applicant having completed studies in a similar program may be enrolled at an advanced stage (past the first-year mark, as the case may be). For more information on advanced placement, contact the Admissions Office by email only at

A number of Collège Boréal programs have limited enrolment; the number of available spaces is limited.

Meeting all program requirements does not guarantee admission. If the number of qualified candidates exceeds the number of places available in a program, the college reserves the right to choose among applicants.

In order to be considered for a limited enrolment program, applicants must:

  • apply by February 1st (Equal Consideration Date); and
  • submit all documentation required during the application process by February 15th.

Admission offers will be issued in the following order to qualified applicants who are:

  • permanent residents of Ontario;
  • permanent residents of another Canadian province; and
  • citizens of other countries.

This restriction applies to the following programs:

  • Medical Diagnostic Ultrasonography (post diploma) (ÉCHO)
  • Veterinary Technician (VETQ)
  • Medical Imaging Technology – Radiography (TRMG)

In order to have equal consideration for  these programs, candidates must apply by February 1st.

Waiting Lists
When all available program spaces are filled, a reasonable number of candidates are placed on a waiting list. If a slot becomes available, candidates are advised by mail, email, or telephone.

Please contact the Admissions Office at to find out your place on the waiting list. 

Click on the link below to view a list of important dates for admissions.

Important Dates

Tuition Fees for the upcoming school year (beginning in September) will be posted on our website in May . In the meantime, click here to view this year’s tuition fees and related costs.