Next Steps Prior to the First Day of Class

*The following information does not apply to students enrolled in apprenticeship programs, continuing education courses.

Are you new to Collège Boréal?

Now that you have confirmed your admission into a postsecondary program, the following to-do list may help you start off on the right foot.

Are you returning to Boréal?

The above list can also guide students returning to Boréal for 2nd or 3rd year programs. It is important to update your contact information and check your email and the student portal (Mon Boréal) regularly for notices and information.

Did you know that?

  • You can get your locker, parking pass, and student card as early as July. Once your tuition fees are paid and your fee settlement agreement si signed, you will be officially registered and you can secure all of these items at the campus where you will attend classes.
  • There are various financial aid options. Every year La Fondation du Collège Boréal offers over 2,000 scholarships and other bursaries to Boréal students across Ontario. No student should miss out on a quality education because of lack of funds. Consult our scholarship page to find out more about financial aid options and scholarships offered at Collège Boréal.
  • Boréal offers Learning Support Services to help students succeed.
  • Experience a dynamic and welcoming environment at Collège Boréal! All throughout the academic year, Boréal organizes a wide variety of sports and recreational activities. Whether you are an athlete or spectator, you are bound to have a lot of fun at Boréal!
  • Become a coop member and save on purchases. Click here for more information.

Boréal is committed to your success. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for online, please contact the Admissions Office and Registrar in person or by email at