Research & Innovation Boréal

Partner With Us

Collège Boréal is a partner of choice for businesses, entrepreneurs and community organizations looking for practical and innovative solutions to a variety of problems. When collaborating with Research & Innovation Boréal for your applied research needs, you will gain access to specialized equipment and unparalleled expertise. Our bilingual, expert and engaged personnel is ready to work with you!

  • Our Services:

    • Project development support, including drafting funding applications and, if necessary, obtaining ethics approval
    • Identification of funding sources and administrative management of projects, agreements and reports
    • Prototyping and proof of concepts
    • Creation and access to tools and resources
    • Access to the expertise of our highly qualified researchers
    • Project support from our students under the supervision of our researchers
    • Access to our applied research facilities and cutting-edge equipment
  • We can work with you in all of the following areas:

    • Agriculture​
    • Agroforestry
    • Architecture
    • Automation
    • Civil and Mining Engineering
    • Community Services
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Systems
    • Customer Service
    • Electric and Electronic Engineering
    • Fish Farming
    • Forestry
    • Francophone community
    • Health Promotion
    • Immigration​
    • Indigenous Studies
    • Industrial​ Design
    • Multidisciplinary Mining Services
    • Nursing
    • Social Determinants of Health
  • Let Us Know About Your Research Needs

    Contact the director of Research & Innovation, Robin Craig:

    • Tel.: 1-705-560-6673, ext. 2048
    • Email: