Mining Heavy Equipment
  • Part 1 of a 3-part BEV program      
  • Offered virtually (LIVE) 
  • 40 hours of training
  • Register now – Seats are limited
  • No prior knowledge or experience required
This course is intended to provide the learners with:
  • Basic knowledge and the fundamentals of Battery Electric Vehicles in mining.
  • Capability to understand the Battery Electric Vehicles from different OEM.
  • Skill to apply safety and procedures for decision making purposes in a real working environment.
  • Participants receive a Collège Boréal Certificate of Achievement
**Course offered in English only.**
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“Collège Boréal is proud to be the first college to offer training in maintenance of battery electric vehicles. This customized training was developed in collaboration with several partners: businesses that use these vehicles as well as their manufacturers. It will certainly bolster skills and provide a qualified workforce in a field that is increasingly vital for mining companies.” - Julie Nadeau, Director – Business Development, Collège Boréal

"The Battery Electric Vehicle segment for mining will experience exponential growth in the coming years and Epiroc is very proud to be a part of the College Boreal Battery Electric Vehicle Maintenance Program." – Shawn Samuels, Epiroc

“The adoption of battery electric vehicle technology requires the development of skills to operate and maintain the equipment. It is critical to invest in our people by upskilling our current workforce and providing quality training for new employees, ensuring they are equipped with the tools necessary for successful operation and maintenance activities. Training courses such as this one play an important part in alleviating the skills gap and accelerating the adoption of battery electric vehicles in mining.” - Luke Mahony, Global Head of Geology, Mine Engineering, Geotechnical and Technology & Innovation, Vale Base Metals

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