Collège Boréal recognizes the importance of quality and continuous improvement,  and strives for excellence in the planning, development, and delivery of its programs and services. Those concepts form an integral part of Boréal’s culture, and are priorities in our strategic commitments, as well as our academic and activity plans. Quality assurance is implicit in our commitment to our students’ satisfaction and success.

Collège Boréal fulfills its obligations towards quality and accountability by complying with the requirements set out by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU), the Ontario College Quality Assurance Service (OCQAS), the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB), the Credentials Validation Service (CVS), the professional bodies, and the various external organizations that govern it. This is done namely through the following mechanisms:

  • its Strategic Plan
  • its Annual Report
  • its Activity Plan
  • its Strategic Mandate Agreement and its Annual Update Reports
  • its Policies and Directives
  • the Program Quality Assurance Process Audit (CQAAP)
    • On that topic, during the last three audits, Collège Boréal received a grade of «Mature Effort», which reflects its commitment to quality and proves that its quality assurance system has reached all standards and requirements, and therefore meets or exceeds expectations.
  • the Consultation and Assessment Committee and the Audit Committee, both of which report to Collège Boréal’s Board of Governors
  • its Advisory Committees
  • accountability reports and audits required by professional bodies
  • its Collegial Council, established by Boréal’s Board of Governors and comprised of members of Boréal’s staff and student body, which has the following mandate: To provide advice to Boréal’s president in order to enhance its programs and services, and carry out its mission and vision.
  • ministry surveys 
    • In 2020-2021, Collège Boréal exceeded the provincial average for each of the four evaluated performance indicators. Amongst the 24 colleges in Ontario:
      • Collège Boréal is the only college in the province in the history of Key Performance Indicators to be ranked 1st in 2 or more indicators within the same year, 19 times in 22 years;

      • at 88.3%, Boréal’s graduate satisfaction rate is the highest in the province and;

      • with a 100% rate, Boréal’s employer satisfaction rate is the highest in the province (ex aequo with 7 other colleges).

Our approach entails more than strict adherence to external regulations and requirements to move our mission forward. The following mechanisms are also in place at Collège Boréal to support our ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement:

  • our program quality assurance mechanisms (program reviews)
  • our course assessment surveys
  • our classroom visits by senior management
  • our numerous articulation agreements with universities
  • the « » email address for our students
  • the review and improvement of Boréal’s processes based on the Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • the Continuous Improvement of Quality Committee (CCIQ), who has the following mandate: Under the responsibility of Collège Boréal’s president and under the oversight of the Board of Governors’ Consultation and Assessment Committee, the CCIQ carries out the functions assigned by Policy D.2 concerning the assessment of quality in our educational programs and services, and supports the Board of Governors in its duty to review, oversee and assess practices pertaining to quality assurance and the performance indicators established by management and other governing bodies as relates to Collège Boréal’s performance.

Collectively, Collège Boréal’s employees have developed a statement which defines quality and guides everyone’s efforts: “At Collège Boréal, QUALITY is… to meet needs and exceed expectations in order to ensure client satisfaction in a culture of respect, integrity, listening, openness, innovation and continuous improvement.”

If you have any questions, please contact the Quality Assurance Office at 705-560-6673 (1-800-361-6673), ext. 2686 or 2480.