Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Since 1998, Ontario’s Ministry of Colleges and Universities and colleges of applied arts and technology have defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure, in a consistent manner across the college system, college performance against Ministry-stated goals and objectives for post-secondary programs. The four* KPIs are: Graduate Satisfaction, Graduation Rate, Graduate

Employment Rate and Employer Satisfaction. The KPI data are used by colleges to demonstrate their achievements and to identify where changes could be made to programs and services to better meet student, industry, and labour market needs. The Ministry also uses the data to advise and inform government about the colleges and in planning and policy making for the college system.

*As of 2019, the Ministry no longer mandates the measurement of student satisfaction. Collège Boréal independently measures student satisfaction for continued program and service improvement.


Collège Boréal is, once again, at the top of the podium... twice!


The 2021-22 data confirm the consistency of Boréal’s performance:

  • For the 17th time in 23 years and with a rate of 94,0 % (unprecedented in the history of the performance indicators), Boréal's graduate satisfaction rate ranks 1st in the province;
  • For the 20th time in 23 years and with a rate of 75.2 %, the College obtained the highest graduation rate in the province; and
  • In 2021-2022, Collège Boréal’s results exceed the provincial average and have increased for each of the indicators measured.

"I am proud of our Key Performance Indicator results because they prove without a doubt that Collège Boréal is one of Ontario’s best colleges. In fact, we are the only college in the entire history of the KPIs to have so often achieved the top rank for two or more indicators in a single year, which we’ve done 20 times in 23 years. The pandemic has forced us to perform even better, and I thank the entire Boréal family for having rolled up their sleeves and given the best of who we are to college education in Ontario.”

Daniel Giroux, President of Collège Boréal

Satisfied graduates


Collège Boréal ranks first in terms of graduate satisfaction, with a satisfaction rate of 94.0%, being 18.6% higher than the provincial average. This result is the highest achieved by Boréal and in the province for this indicator since the start of performance measurement in 1999. This statistic is not surprising when one considers the proportion of graduates who would recommend their program to their friends and family (95%) and who would encourage them to choose Collège Boréal as their post-secondary institution (97%).

“I believe employers are surely the greatest benefactors of Collège Boréal’s impressive graduate satisfaction rate. Year after year, they can hire Boréal’s graduates knowing that they have the skills needed to perform well in the work environment. Happy students, happy graduates, happy employers—that’s what we want!”

Daniel Giroux, President of Collège Boréal


2021-2022 Quick Facts

  • Collège Boréal is the only college in the history of the Key Performance Indicators to be ranked 1st in 2 or more indicators within the same year more than once. It has achieved this 20 times out of 23 years.

  • In addition, Boreal is the only college in the history of the KPIs to secure 1st place in 3 and 4 performance indicators, which it achieved between 2015 and 2020.

  • For the 17th time in 23 years and with a rate of 94.0%, Boréal ranks 1st in Ontario for graduate satisfaction (provincial average: 75.4%); this result is the highest ever rate obtained by Collège Boréal and in the province for this indicator.

  • 97% of graduates would recommend Collège Boréal to their friends or other interested persons.

  • 95% of graduates would also recommend their respective programs.

  • For the 20th time in 23 years, Boréal ranked first in the province with a rate of 75.2% of registered students having obtained their diploma (provincial average: 65.2%).
  • 90.6% of Collège Boréal graduates found a job six to nine months following their graduation (ranked 4th; provincial average: 83.4%).
  • No data on employer satisfaction was available for the 2021-2022 academic year.

“Given all of the challenges we faced due to COVID-19 during the academic year covered by this survey, not least of which the constantly changing rules and guidance, I am truly impressed by these results. Our students, helped by our dedicated staff, buckled down, adapted, and had the highest graduation rate in the province. Wow! Not only that, but we achieved the highest graduate satisfaction rate ever seen in the province since we started collecting this data. I am at a loss for words to express the pride I have in our team and our students.”

Daniel Giroux, President of Collège Boréal