Ontario Law 34/03 states that the board of governors of a college must number between 12 and 20 members named by the College Compensation and Appointments Council of the colleges on the recommendation of the board of governors. The president of the college has a deliberative vote. The internal representatives (e.g., students, teaching body, administrative staff and support staff) may be elected by the members of the relevant group. The board of governors sets, through administrative regulations, the total number of its members.

Responsibilities of the board of governors of a college

The board of governors of a college is responsible for establishing the role and mission of the college, notably for setting its strategic direction. The board of governors has fiduciary responsibility for the activities and performance of the college. All of the board’s decisions are made in the interest of the college itself and not in the interest of any third party whatsoever. The board of governors exercises a surveillance role and not a management one.

Roles of the board of governors of a college

The board of governors of the college:

  • Approves the college’s plans and sets its strategic direction
  • Oversees the college’s performance and establishes policy standards in this regard
  • Recruits the president
  • Evaluates the president’s performance
  • Establishes the college’s budget
  • Represents the college in the community and speaks for it with a single voice.

The board of governors must ensure that practices and procedures are in place for the following purposes:

  • Effective management and administration of the college
  • Efficient use of the financial resources
  • Accessibility of services throughout the community
  • Quality of the teaching and training offered to the student clientele.


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College Boréal's Coat of arms

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Daniel Giroux

Christian Bruneau

Linda Dugas

President of Collège Boréal

Board Chair

Vice Chair




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Daniel Brisson

Faveur Camara

Richard Diotte

Support Staff Representative

Student Representative





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Dada Gasirabo

Bululu Kabatakaka

Vincent Lacroix


Administrative Staff Representative





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Roma Levesque

Emily Low

Michael Manirakiza




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Bryan Neeley

Gisèle Seguin

Josée St-Jean



Faculty Representative




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Danielle Talbot-Lariviere


Joelle Malette