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Posted on 29 February at 10:00AM

Customized training in battery-electric mining equipment maintenance at Collège Boréal

Collège Boréal will offer customized training in battery-electric mining equipment maintenance starting in the fall of 2020.

Developed in collaboration with Mayhew Performance, a firm with recognized expertise in battery technology, the program will focus on three main areas: battery technology, battery security standards and battery maintenance.

This training is designed specifically to address the needs of professionals in the mining sector who want to add this specialty to their skill set, as well as graduates in related fields who wish to further their professional development.

Adapting to the evolution of mining sector skills

The mining industry is experiencing profound technological change as it transitions to exploration and extraction processes that are more economically efficient and sensitive to environmental concerns, and the training sector must follow suit. Collège Boréal stays abreast of these new realities and adapts its skills training to market needs.

Battery maintenance is a key factor in ensuring the operating time and life expectancy of battery-electric mining equipment. Mining operations require experts in this field as battery-electric mining equipment becomes increaslingly common.

This new training course complements College Boréal’s wide range of programs in the mining sector.

The battery-electric mining equipment maintenance program will be available in English.



“Collège Boréal listens to and collaborates with the industry to design its programs. That is why we are especially pleased to announce this new training in battery-electric mining equipment maintenance. It will certainly bolster skills and provide workers in a field that is increasingly vital for mining companies.”

Julie Nadeau, director – Business Development - Collège Boréal

“I am honoured to work with Collège Boréal on this exciting project. The mining industry has big hopes for this program and it is significant that a major training institution like Collège Boréal has decided to move forward to design and offer this program in the college system.”

Mike Mayhew, founder of Mayhew Performance


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