Support for Students

Research & Innovation Boréal provides experiential learning opportunities for students through internships and part-time and summer employment on research projects. By working on applied research projects, students can put into practice the skills acquired in their courses, according to the needs of partners, while developing direct links with businesses, entrepreneurs and community organizations in their region.

  • Job: Research Assistant 
    Place of Work: Varies depending on the project
    Schedule: 10 hours/week
    Salary: $20.22/hour 
    Duration: Varies depending on the project

    Job Summary:

    Interested students should demonstrate strong organizational and interpersonal skills and a positive attitude.

    Supervised by a teacher, the student participating in the project will have the opportunity to work with various equipment and materials in an experiential learning environment.

    The student will have the chance to deepen knowledge in their field of study while learning the basics of data collection and analysis. The research assistant will be responsible for writing a technical report summarizing the study findings at the end of the project.

    If you would like to participate in a research project, please contact the Research & Innovation Boréal team:

  • Testimonial 1

    Student: Arona Mane
    Academic Program: Construction Engineering Technology – Civil and Mining (3rd year)

    'I had the chance to participate in an important and interesting project which consisted of making a new prototype of a core storage rack, which is lighter and stronger than those made of heavy wood. This project gave me the opportunity to visit Vale's facilities and work with Revit design and modelling software. As a civil and mining engineering technician, our role is to verify the structural stability of the prototypes. This research experience allows me to prepare myself for the job market and to improve my CV.'

    Testimonial 2

    Student: Cora Long
    Academic Program: Agriculture Techniques (1st year)

    'Being part of an applied research project has broadened my knowledge. I have a better understanding of the role that farmworkers play in ensuring that the food consumed by the community is safe.'