What is applied research?

Applied research is the development of practical solutions for real-world challenges. To this end, it employs the latest technology and knowledge to create new products, services, and processes, or improve current products and practices. In 2019, Collège Boréal established a department of applied research that can respond to the emerging economic, industrial and social needs of the communities within the territory it serves. The research projects led by Research & Innovation Boréal can lead to the development of products, processes, prototypes, industrial design and marketing strategies, among other possibilities.
  • Name: Sabine Bouchard
    Email: sabine.bouchard@collegeboreal.ca
    Phone: 1-800-361-6673, ext. 4190

    Sabine Bouchard is the Manager for Boreal Research & Innovation at Collège Boréal in Sudbury. She supports the director with the development of new applied research projects and partnerships in a variety of fields. She works closely with our community and industry partners to ensure the proper management and communication of applied research projects undertaken by the college. Sabine also works with our faculty and experts to develop new research projects. She writes many grant proposals and supports projects management. With a Master's degree in science communication from Laurentian University, Sabine leads knowledge dissemination activities and supports events organization. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Environmental Studies from the University of Ottawa.

  • Name: Lynn Lavoie
    Email: lynn.lavoie@collegeboreal.ca
    Phone: 705-560-6673, ext. 2792

    Lynn Lavoie is the Employment Resource Centre Officer for the Student Employment Center and the administrative officer for Research & Innovation Boréal at Collège Boréal.  In this role, she is responsible for supporting the team with the preparation of budget estimates, monitor expenditures, compile data, and prepare summaries. She also prepares the hiring contracts for temporary staff and their accountability framework to the college system. As for her role with the Student Employment Center, she provides support services to students by posting employment opportunities and resources on job boards, the program website as well as on social media. She supervises and guides users to the centre’s tools by providing the appropriate support and resources. She also assists students with their cover letters and resumes. Before joining Collège Boréal in 2012, she worked as a Medical Radiation Technologist for 13 years in Ottawa, ON.

  • Collège Boréal is a partner of choice for businesses, entrepreneurs and community organizations looking for practical and innovative solutions to a variety of problems. When collaborating with Research & Innovation Boréal for your applied research needs, you will gain access to specialized equipment and unparalleled expertise. Our bilingual, expert and engaged personnel is ready to work with you!

  • Our Services:

    • Project development support, including drafting funding applications and, if necessary, obtaining ethics approval
    • Identification of funding sources and administrative management of projects, agreements and reports
    • Prototyping and proof of concepts
    • Creation and access to tools and resources
    • Access to the expertise of our highly qualified researchers
    • Project support from our students under the supervision of our researchers
    • Access to our applied research facilities and cutting-edge equipment
  • We can work with you in all of the following areas:

    • Agriculture​
    • Agroforestry
    • Architecture
    • Automation
    • Civil and Mining Engineering
    • Community Services
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Systems
    • Customer Service
    • Electric and Electronic Engineering
    • Fish Farming
    • Forestry
    • Francophone community
    • Health Promotion
    • Immigration​
    • Indigenous Studies
    • Industrial​ Design
    • Multidisciplinary Mining Services
    • Nursing
    • Social Determinants of Health
  • Let Us Know About Your Research Needs

    Contact the director of Research & Innovation, Sabine Bouchard:

  • As a professor, working with Research & Innovation Boréal on applied research projects will allow you to enhance your students’ opportunities to acquire experiential technical skills, to strengthen links with employers and to use your expertise creatively. All of our projects include at least one student, one professor or expert, and one external partner.

  • Our Services:

    • Support in the development of funding applications and ethics protocol submissions
    • Identification of funding sources and administrative management of partnerships, projects, agreements and reports
    • Support for collaborative multidisciplinary projects and research partnerships
    • Access to our applied research facilities and cutting-edge equipment
    • Experiential learning opportunities for your students through internships, part-time and summer employment
  • Research & Innovation Boréal provides experiential learning opportunities for students through internships and part-time and summer employment on research projects. By working on applied research projects, students can put into practice the skills acquired in their courses, according to the needs of partners, while developing direct links with businesses, entrepreneurs and community organizations in their region.

  • Job: Research Assistant 
    Place of Work: Varies depending on the project
    Schedule: 10 hours/week
    Salary: $20.22/hour 
    Duration: Varies depending on the project

    Job Summary:

    Interested students should demonstrate strong organizational and interpersonal skills and a positive attitude.

    Supervised by a teacher, the student participating in the project will have the opportunity to work with various equipment and materials in an experiential learning environment.

    The student will have the chance to deepen knowledge in their field of study while learning the basics of data collection and analysis. The research assistant will be responsible for writing a technical report summarizing the study findings at the end of the project.

    If you would like to participate in a research project, please contact the Research & Innovation Boréal team:

  • Testimonial 1

    Student: Arona Mane
    Academic Program: Construction Engineering Technology – Civil and Mining (3rd year)

    'I had the chance to participate in an important and interesting project which consisted of making a new prototype of a core storage rack, which is lighter and stronger than those made of heavy wood. This project gave me the opportunity to visit Vale's facilities and work with Revit design and modelling software. As a civil and mining engineering technician, our role is to verify the structural stability of the prototypes. This research experience allows me to prepare myself for the job market and to improve my CV.'


    Testimonial 2

    Student: Cora Long
    Academic Program: Agriculture Techniques (1st year)

    'Being part of an applied research project has broadened my knowledge. I have a better understanding of the role that farmworkers play in ensuring that the food consumed by the community is safe.'

  • Coming soon!

Commercialization of Intellectual Property Policy Statement

The Province of Ontario issued its Commercialization Mandate Policy Framework in early 2022. The objective of Ontario’s Commercialization Mandate Policy Framework is to harness the intellectual property generated with the institution’s resources to achieve Ontario’s goal of ensuring that made-in-Ontario innovations benefit Ontarians.

Follow the link for the full statement: Commercialization of Intellectual Property Policy Statement

Collège Boréal is an innovative educational, cultural and community hub serving Ontario's Francophone population. Its goal is to produce a highly qualified bilingual workforce that is engaged in French-speaking communities and contributes to the economic, social and cultural vitality of the province and the country. Visible and recognized, Collège Boréal enriches communities through the quality of its training and personalized services at its seven campuses and 37 sites in 26 communities across the province.

Newly formed in 2019, Research & Innvoation Boréal continues to innovate in order to remain a competitive provincial and national leader in applied research. Collège Boréal remains on the lookout for emerging research areas and themes and positions itself as a leader in the communities it serves, placing particular importance on collaboration with its communities and multi-sectoral research teams. Collège Boréal develops research partnerships with businesses, governments and communities to address their needs and current societal challenges. We work closely with small and medium-sized enterprises in our regions to provide innovative solutions to the challenges they face. Research projects allow us to jointly develop expertise in research and education for our students. They are at the heart of our research projects. By participating, they benefit from experiential learning opportunities, in-depth training in their field of study and exposure to future employers.



Institutional Research Data Management Strategy

In March 2021, the three federal research funding agencies (i.e., the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)) launched the Tri-Agency Policy on Research Data Management. This policy promotes research data management and data stewardship practices among Canadian researchers. To this end, Canadian postsecondary institutions were asked to develop their own research data management (RDM) strategies and share them publicly on their websites.

Follow the link to access the full strategy (French only): Institutional Research Data Management Strategy

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