Learning Strategies and Assistive Technologies

Learning Strategies (LS) are tools and suggestions that provide you with different approaches to studying and understanding course material.


Learning Strategies

There are various learning strategies, such as:

  • exam preparation
  • time management
  • in-class notetaking
  • increase your attention in the classroom
  • and many others!


Adaptive Technologies

Adaptive Technologies (AT) are equipment or software that will help you to:

  • understand the course material;
  • study;
  • read and write;
  • organize your time;
  • block distractions to better focus on your studies;
  • perform tasks by minimizing the effects of your special need.


Here are some technologies used in college:

  • speech-to-text
    • Siri, Medialxie, Windows Speech Recognition, Dragon Dictation, etc.
  • text-to-speech
    • Kurzweil, Word Q, Google Read & Write, Free Natural Reader etc.
  • word prediction
    • Word Q, Medialxia, etc.
  • mind mapping
    • Inspiration, Edraw Mind Map, Mind Meister, etc.
  • correctors
    • Antidote, Medialexie, etc.
  • organization and studies
    • Anki, ColdTurkey, EverNote, Flashcard Elite, and many others