Academic Accommodations

If you have a documented special need or suspect that you may have one, many different academic accommodations are available to you, such as:

  • screening and needs assessment;
  • reference for a diagnostic assessment;
  • academic accommodations for tests;
    • tests and exams of your program
    • certification exams
  • materials in alternate formats;
  • FM amplification system;
  • integrated magnification and reading software;
  • interpreting service;
  • possibility of a reduced course load;
  • manual or computerized note-taking;
  • specialized tutoring;
  • individualized mentoring;
  • assistive technologies (Kurzweil, Word Q, Inspiration, Antidote, as well as an inventory of applications);
  • learning strategies (time management, study methods, etc.);
  • or any other accommodations, according to needs identified.