Tuition and Other Fees

2018-2019 Postsecondary Tuition Fees

2017-2018 Postsecondary Tuition Fees


Tuition and Ancillary Fees Description

Droits de scolarité

Tuition fees are recognized as the student’s contribution toward those activities supported by base funding and capital grants. Tuition fees for full time enrolment are based on an amount per semester which was approved by the Board of Governors. Tuition fees for part time enrolment are based on an hourly rate which was also approved by the Board of Governors. International students need to pay an additional tuition fees since their enrolment does not count towards the base funding that Boréal receives.

Frais accessoires obligatoires

Ancillary fees cover items not coverred by the tuition fees established for a course or program of instruction that students may be required to pay upon enrolment. Ancillary fees are fees charged to support those services and activities not supported by base funding, capital grants and tuition fees. The Ministry of Advanced and Education and Skills Development issued a binding policy which regulates the fees a college is entitled to charge its students and indicates that tuition and ancillary fees must be approved by the Board of Governors of the college for all programs of instruction and courses deliverd by the college. The ancillary fees for Collège Boréal have been approved for all years, including 2017-2018.

Frais assurance maladie

All regular students enrolled in a full time program must pay health insurance fees which provide mandatory medical, health accident, and illness coverage. For more information regarding the health coverage, please communicate with your student association (AGEE).   International students must pay into a health insurance for international students if they do not already have health insurance coverage.

Frais généraux

General fees to cover administrative services and activities that are not supported by base funding or tuition fees.

Frais d’équipement technologique

Information Technology fees are charges to all students and provide software licensing, electronic mail accounts, Internet access and other technology based resources. The fees support enhancements to information technology infrastructure that are not covered by base funding, capital grants and tuition fees.

Frais – cérémonie de remise de diplômes

The Convocation Fee supports the costs of convocation ceremonies.

Frais d’activités scolaires

The Student Activity Fee is charged to support the student association (AGEE), which offers services and activities related to student life and also promotes the rights and interests of the student bodies. The fees are also used to contribute to the well-being of Boréal students and to contribute towards social activities organised by the AGEE.

Frais de bourses

This fee is the annual contribution towards bursary funds. Half of the fees collected will be used towards annual bursaries given to students who are actively involved in student life and meet other criteria. The other half is put towards long term investments for the student association under the Foundation’s umbrella.

Frais – fonds de construction

Fees are applied toward improving student comfort and security and used as contributions toward the capital costs of building improvements in common areas and equipment which can be accessed by all students.

Frais des anciens

The Alumni Fees are used to offer a variety of benefits from the Alumni Association and to offset the costs of activities promoted by the Association in order to support career enrichment and to maintain continuous contact between Boréal and its graduates.

Cotisation Fédération canadienne des étudiants/étudiantes – Programme

The Fees go toward a membership in the Canadian Student Federation (CSF). The membership allows bilingual students to be represented at a political level on provincial and national committees in regard to various student issues. The CSF also offers an array of leadership training courses and conducts advocacy activities.

Frais d’appui techno-pédagogique

Introduced in September 2017, the fees will support an internal initiative to provide coaches to support the students who may require particular supports in taking modernized online courses in order to ensure success in their studies.