1. La librairie (Coop Centrale) et imprimerie – Tous les campus
  2. Cafétéria et service de traiteur – Sudbury seulement
  3. Plans-repasSudbury uniquement 
  4. Service d’emplois temporaires – Tous les campus
  1. Bookstore


Refund Policy

We accept refunds on book or clothing item purchases (with receipt) for up to 14 days after purchase if the product is in resalable condition. That is to say the item must be returned in the same condition as it was purchased.

Book Orders

The coop carries the items you need for class. If you need to order a book that is not sold at the coop, you can place an order with the coop by phone at 705-521-6028 or by email at The order can take up to 10 days. Delivery fees apply.

Bookstore – Teaching Staff

Book Orders

Book orders are generated by course plans listed in Sharepoint. It is therefore essential to update course plans for us to order the appropriate resources.

Book Choice

It is recommended that the course book be used for all course sections. We recommend consensus between part-time and full-time instructors. Deans, in collaboration with program coordinators, will need to approve course materials to ensure consistency and facilitate student transfers from one campus to another.

Courses with Part-Time Professors

Several courses are taught by part-time instructors. When purchasing course materials, consider:

  1. the course history and/or
  2. the choice of full-time instructors / program coordinators

When a book is ordered for a class prior to the hiring of the instructor, the professor must understand that the book is then an integral part of the class. He or she must not discourage students from using that book. Because of book order return policy constraints and associated fees and to avoid general confusion among students, it is important for teaching staff members to follow this guideline.


Mandatory course material verification is done by instructors through online course plans. For coop book orders, the mandatory course material verification is completed by the following dates:

Summer Session:

End of the full 3rd week of February

Fall Session:

End of the full 3rd week of March

Winter Session:

End of 1st full week of November

In order to ensure the timely delivery of course materials, it is important to complete the course material verification by these dates.


Course Plan Portal Manager of Professional Resources
Daniel Leduc
705-560-6673, ext. 2950
Techniques CIT 705-560-6673, ext. 2380
Libraire Bookstore Manager
Lynn Demers
705-560-6673, ext. 602

Return Dates

The coop returns book inventory by the following dates:

Fall Session: 3rd week of October
Winter Session: 3rd week of February
Summer Session: 3rd week of July

Following returns, if a student needs to order a book that is not available, an order will be placed and he/she will be contacted upon arrival. Please encourage students to purchase the required materials prior to the return dates as an order can take up to 10 days. Delivery fees apply.

  1. Cafeteria and Catering Services

Daily Menu

See Daily Menu

Catering Services

See Available Catering Services

  1. Meal Plans

As easy as 1•2•3•4!

  1. It’s economical.

    Save TIME and MONEY! Get rebates with 4 of 5 plans!

  2. It’s practical!

    No need to cook or to carry cash.

  3. It’s flexible!

    With credit or debit, add money to your meal plan card to suit your needs.

  4. It’s secure!

    Your coop meal plan card is like cash. If you lose it, let us know immediately by calling 750-560-6673, ext. 3260. The previous card will be cancelled and the balance will be transferred to a new card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I use my meal plan card?

Use your meal plan card at the cafeteria and the pub to purchase food, non-alcoholic beverages, candy, and convenience items.

How can I see my balance?

To see your balance, contact Food Services at 705-560-6673, ext. 3260, or ask the cashier following a purchase.

Must I use up my meal plan card by a certain date?

No. The balance remains on the card from one semester to another, from one year to another until the funds run out.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Notify Food Services as soon as possible at 705-560-6673, ext. 3260. The previous card will be cancelled and the balance will be transferred to a new card.

How do I add money to my meal plan card?

You can always add money to your meal plan card by using debit or credit. If you are interested in purchasing a meal plan, fill out a request form and return it to to activate the card. You must be a coop member to benefit from this plan!

  1. Temporary Employment

In addition to jobs at the bookstore, cafeteria, and pub (Sudbury only) available during the academic year, Boréal’s coop also offers several contract positions to Boréal students.

For additional information, contact Lyne Mallette at 705-560-6673, ext. 1310, or at