For the sports lover, Boréal’s AGEE offers a variety of recreational and intramural activities.

Our Vipères compete on the intercollegiate circuit in the following sports:

  • women’s volleyball (Sudbury)
  • men’s volleyball (Sudbury)
  • mixed badminton (Sudbury)

In addition, the following recreational sports are offered:

  • ice hockey
  • soccer
  • basketball

For more information on available recreational sports and activities, contact an AGEE representative at your campus.

Extramural sports

Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages or the Ontario College Athletic Association’s (OCAA) website to track the results of our teams.

2019-2020 schedule:

Mixed indoor soccer:


November 21-22, 2019, in Toronto (Humber Lakeshore)

March 12-13, 2020, in North York (Seneca)


October 3-4, 2019, in Toronto (Humber North)

February 6-7, 2020, in Mississauga (UTM)


October 3-4, 2019, in Toronto (Humber North)

Men’s Basketball:

November 28-29, 2019, in Toronto (Humber North)

February 6-7, 2020, in Hamilton (Mohawk)

Men’s and women’s hockey:

November 14-15, 2019, in Toronto (Humber North)

January 22-23, 2020, in London (Fanshawe)

2019-2020 rosters:

Men’s Hockey









Jérémi Lord, Forward, FPFG – 1st year, Wawa, ON

Sylvain Gravel, Forward, ARTQ – 1st year, Kapuskasing, ON

Zachary Carriere, Forward, AMBP – 1st year, Timmins, ON

Shawn Brooks, Forward, ELTG – 2nd year, Kapuskasing, ON

Damien Courchesne, Forward, SPOR – 1st year, Alban, ON

Cameron Mundy, Forward, ELTG – 1st year, Val-Caron, ON

Shane Schuurman, Forward, FPFQ – 2nd year, Chapleau, ON

Matt Robert, Forward, CIVQ – 2nd year, Moonbeam, ON

Marco Dussault, Forward, SOUQ – 2nd year, Smooth Rock Falls, ON

Sebastien Despatie, Forward, CIVQ – 3rd year, Hearst, ON

Kalem Gillissie, Forward, ELTG – 2nd year, Kapuskasing, ON

Martin Bouthillier, Defenseman, CIVQ -1st year, Kapuskasing, ON

Dimitri Levesque, Defenseman, FPFQ -1st year, Wawa, ON

Éric Rainville, Defenseman, ELTG – 2nd year, Chelmsford, ON

Félix Morissette, Defenseman, TRMG -1st year, Hearst, ON

Jacob Payeur, Defenseman, ELTG -1st year, Kapuskasing, ON

Cody Lagacé-Lauzon, Defenseman, AAFQ -1st year, Sudbury, ON

Jesse Casonato, Defenseman, AJUR – 3rd year, Kapuskasing, ON

Mathieu Fraser, Defenseman, TESQ – 2nd year, Sturgeon Falls, ON

Derek Mageau, Goaltender, TSPQ – 2nd year, Kapuskasing, ON

Phillip Brokenshire, Goaltender, TRMG -1st year, Killaloe, ON

Matthew Allard, Goaltender, ELTG – 3rd year, Hearst, ON

Coaches : Alain Goulet and Jean-Pierre Bélanger

Women’s Hockey 









Catherine Mitchell, Forward, SPOR  – 2nd year, Hearst, ON

Chanelle Tremblay, Forward TESQ  – 2nd year, Timmins, ON

Chloe Hogue, Forward, GINQ  – 2nd year, Azilda, ON

Katelyn Coombs, Forward, TESQ  – 2nd year, Sudbury, ON

Taylor Landry, Forward, GEEN  -1st year, Warren, ON

Maxime Demeules, Forward, TESQ  – 3rd year, Smooth Rock Falls, ON

Drew Sinai, Forward, PSDB  – 1st year, Kapuskasing, ON

Maxine Martel, Forward, TRMG  – 1st year, Timmins, ON

Taylor Huot, Forward, FPFQ  – 1st year, South Porcupine, ON

Taylor Kajdas, Forward, ELTQ  – 2nd year, Azilda, ON

Ashley Coombs, Defensemen, AAFC  – 1st year, Sudbury, ON

Brianna Gervais, Defensemen, FPFQ  – 1st year, Chapleau, ON

Kate Reid, Defensemen, TSPQ  – 1st year, Whitby, ON

Kristen Roy, Defensemen, TRMG  – 1st year, Hagar, ON

Mackenzie Larose, Defensemen, PSDB  – 1st year, Hearst, ON

Logan Courchesne, Defensemen, CIVQ  – 2nd year, Alban, ON

Kacey Gaudreault, Defensemen, TESQ  – 1st year, Val-Rita, ON

Alexa Guertin, Goaltenter, AAFC  – 1st year, Kirkland Lake, ON

Coaches : Mario Michel and Claudette Goulard

Men’s Basketball 









Benjy Louisor, ERPH – 1st year, Ottawa, ON

Gabriel Onadja, SPOR – 1st year, Orléans, ON

Riley Renaud, PCCH – 1st year, Sturgeon Falls, ON

Colin Vezina, ELTC – 1st year, Sturgeon Falls, ON

Kevin Lingue, PASC – 1st year, Sudbury, ON

Nicolas Langevin, PLOM – 1st year, Sturgeon Falls, ON

Alexandre Giroux, PLOM – 1st year, Sturgeon Falls, ON

Abdoul Razak Dosso, AAFQ – 1st year, Sudbury, ON

Fretzy Jotham Limoundjy Siméon, PSDB – 1st year, La Tuque, QC

Gradi Tshingombe, SPOR – 2nd year, New Liskeard, ON

Deejean Appavoo, PASC – 1st year, Verdun, QC

Johnson Dare, AAFQ – 1st year, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Rachid Dialla, PASC – 1st year, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Gnagne Chambiges Daryl Agnimel, AAFQ – 1st year, Mississauga, ON

Coaches : Jean-Pierre Bélanger, Alain Larocque, Patrick Boileau, Claudette Goulard

Mixed indoor soccer









Lamine Diop, ELTQ – 2nd year, Sénégal

Christian Kabamba, ELTG – 3rd year, Kinshasa, Démocratique du Congo

Alyx Lapointe, GBUR – 1st year, Sudbury, ON

Randah Victoire, GINQ – 2nd year, Brampton, ON

Alexandre Denis, AAFQ – 2nd year, Hawkesbury, ON

Ruben Seka, ELTQ – 1st year, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Fretzy Siméon, PSDB – 1st year, La Tuque, QC

Abdelaziz Chihi , SOUQ – 1st year, Montréal, QC

Lentini Louis, GINQ – 1st year, Anjou, QC

Mélodie Dubuc, VETQ – 2nd year, Casselman, ON

Aymane Bouhal, VETQ – 1st year, Montreal, QC

Rebecca Villeneuve, AJUR – 1st year, Hearst, ON

Coaches : Jean-Pierre Bélanger et Carole Bélanger​









Barthelemy Kamengele, PASC – 1st year, Windsor, ON

Savannah Brockman, TSPQ – 1st year, Belle River, ON

Synthia  Valcourt, TSPQ – 1st year, Windsor, ON

Amani Kisangara Emmanuel, TSPQ – 2nd year, Windsor, ON

Jean Benoit Junior Yakitte Barada, TSPQ – 2nd year, Windsor, ON

Kahindo Tuumbura, TSPQ – 1st year, Montreal, QC

Ziyada Abdallah, TSOC – 2nd year, Windsor, ON

Ruddy Mbuyi, TSPQ – 2nd year, Windsor, ON

Martin Junior Itanioua, AAFQ – 2nd year, Windsor, ON

Jacob Austin, TSPQ – 1st year, Leamington, ON

Lisa Marie Danko, GEEN – 1st year, Windsor, ON

Mwamba John Mwarabu, TSPQ – 1st year, Windsor, ON

Thierry-Vincent  Kotei, TSOC – 2nd year, Windsor, ON

Florian  Gakiza, AAFQ – 2nd year, Windsor, ON

Coaches : Kyla Bardwell and Khaled Ewemer









Ahmad  Alizadah, PSDB – 1st year, Scarborough, ON

Mamadou Yagouba Diallo, PSDB – 1st year, Etobicoke, ON

Choaib  Idriss Machichi, AAFQ – 1st year, Maroc

Corlings Archange, GINQ – 1st year, Pickering, ON

Ceco Bernard, PSDB – 1st year, Cambridge, ON

Abdelkrim Fadde, GINQ – 2nd year, Maroc

Amichia Christian Eric Mian, GINQ – 2nd year, Côte d’Ivoire

Omar Achab, GINQ – 2nd year, Toronto, ON