For the sports lover, Boréal’s AGEE offers a variety of recreational and intramural activities.

Our Vipères compete on the intercollegiate circuit in the following sports:

  • women’s volleyball (Sudbury)
  • men’s volleyball (Sudbury)
  • mixed badminton (Sudbury)

In addition, the following recreational sports are offered:

  • ice hockey
  • soccer
  • basketball

For more information on available recreational sports and activities, contact an AGEE representative at your campus.

Extramural sports (Sudbury)

Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages or the Ontario College Athletic Association’s (OCAA) website to track the results of our teams.

2019-2020 schedule:

Mixed indoor soccer:

November 21-22, 2019, in Toronto (Humber Lakeshore)

February 6-7, 2020, in Mississauga (UTM)

Men’s Basketball:

November 28-29, 2019, in Toronto (Humber North)

February 6-7, 2020, in Hamilton (Mohawk)

Men’s and women’s hockey:

November 14-15, 2019, in Toronto (Humber North)

January 22-23, 2020, in London (Fanshawe)

2018-2019 rosters:

Men’s Hockey 

#5 Eric Rainville

#6 Raphaël Ramsay

#7 Sebastien Despatie

#8 Kaleb Legault

#9 Pierre-André Leblanc (C)

#10 Mathieu Fraser

#11 Mika David

#12 Chad Robert (A)

#15 Stephen Lefaive

#16 Felix Bernard (A)

#17 Jason Rouleau

#18 Jacy Fillion

#20 Mathew Allard

#21 Patrice Filion

#22 Jesse Casonato

#30 Nicholas Dube

#33 Derek Mageau

Coaches : Joel Glaude and Alex Gagnon

Women’s Hockey 

#4 Charlyse Boudreau

#7 Catherine Mitchell

#8 Taylor Kajdas

#9 Maryse Pelletier (C)

#11 Tammy Lefebvre

#12 Maxime Demeules (A)

#13 Annick Boudreau

#14 Mackenzie Gauthier

#15 Katelyn Coombs

#16 Sara Poliquin (A)

#21 Ashley Durand

#22 Renée Scott

#23 Chanelle Tremblay

#24 Chloé Hogue

#33 Morane Frenette

Coaches : Mario Michel and Claudette Goulard

Men’s Basketball 

Benjy Louisor

David Kambala Kausa

Tylor Gauthier

Anthony St-Jean

George Mukenga

Maxim St-Jean

Coach : Jean-Pierre Bélanger

Mixed indoor soccer

Triomphe Benedict Ngouaka Mackita

Franck Shu Atoh

Kouadio Kan Guy Rene Kouassi

Mouhamadou Lamine Diop

Adam Mahamat Saleh

Timothee Kapuya Kalala

Asa Dieu Merci Mudi

Jonathan Basakanya

Crépin Foké

Christian Kabamba

Catherine Carbonneau

Coach : Claudette Goulard