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The Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) program is free and is designed for adults who are seeking to enrol in a college or apprenticeship program but are missing courses to meet admission requirements. Adults who have not graduated from high school also have the option of obtaining an ACE certificate which is considered by colleges and apprenticeship programs in Ontario, as well as by many employers as a grade 12 equivalency.

The courses to choose from include:

  • Communication française
  • English Communication
  • Core Mathematics
  • Apprenticeship Math
  • Business Math
  • Technical Math
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Self-Management/Self Direction

Intake is continuous and we develop personalized training plans for all our learners according to their needs; this makes it possible for them to begin their studies at their convenience and to complete their courses at their pace. Learning material is free and it is possible for learners to receive financial support to help pay for travel or daycare expenses. Learners registered with us full-time are eligible for a bursary which enables them to enrol in a postsecondary course in a program of their choice while completing their studies with us. It is a fantastic way to get a head start on your postsecondary studies. Your future career is near!

Duration :

1 semesters

Academic Year :

  • September 2019



Delivery :

In Class

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Requirements and Fees

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Other requirements

To pass, participants must obtain a minimum of 70% in each course. Statistics show that, on average, ACE graduates pass college classes with a 3.2 grade point average (B+).

Course Details

Semester 1

Code Course Title
Choisir 2 cours
Communication française
Mathématiques générales

Other information

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Option apprentissage



  • The Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) program is a continual intake program. That means you can enrol anytime!
  • Full time students (17 hours per week) can register for one postsecondary course per semester, at no charge. This allows students to explore a field of study.
  • Participants benefit from a customized training program (full-time or part-time), ongoing registration, and all the services offered at Collège Boréal (sports centre, tutoring, special needs, resource centre, computer labs, student services, etc.). The learning material is free and financial aid to cover transportation fees is available to those who qualify.