Academic Career Entrance (ACE) / Basic Training

You didn’t graduate from high school? No problem!

Collège Boréal is here for you and can help you get your high school equivalency… FREE of charge!

Are you looking

  • for a better job?
  • to go back to school?
  • to work in a field that you are passionate about?

We offer:

  • personalized training programs
  • part-time or full-time hours, flexible schedules, day or evening classes
  • individual in-class support
  • the possibility of financial assistance to cover travel expenses and child care costs

Register for the ACE program and get started as early as today.

The ACE certificate prepares you for college, an apprenticeship ou employment and is considered the equivalent of grade 12 for admission purposes.

For more information, contact the centre near you.

  • Barrie: 705-737-9088
  • Hamilton: 905-544-9824
  • London: 519-451-5194
  • Toronto: 416-962-1908
  • Windsor: 519-948-6019

Additional Information

This program is funded by the Government of Ontario.