Collège Boréal invests $3.8 million in its new Toronto campus

Collège Boréal invests $3.8 million in its new Toronto campus
Sudbury – Last night, Collège Boréal’s Board of Governors unanimously approved an investment of $3.8 million for the college’s new Toronto campus that will open its doors next September.
Martin Michaud, Chair of the Board of Governors of Collège Boréal, underlines the importance of such a decision for the future of Francophone college education for the region covering Barrie, Toronto and Windsor: “This decision to invest $3.8 million in Collège Boréal’s new campus in Toronto is the result of diligent work by our college administrators to ensure the financial viability and the all-around success of this very promising project. The Board of Governors adds support for the large increases in enrolment that Collège Boréal has achieved over the last ten years for this part of the province.”
Last October, Collège Boréal announced that it would open a new campus in the heart of downtown Toronto, at 1 Yonge Street. With support from various levels of government, these new installations will provide future students a modern campus occupying 47,000 sq. ft., thus doubling the space available on the current campus on Carlaw Avenue and College Street. By 2015, Collège Boréal expects to increase to 30 the number of postsecondary programs offered in the Central-Southwest region.
For Diane Dubois, Collège Boréal’s Associate Vice-President Academic for Central-Southwestern Ontario: “This major investment reaffirms the presence and the commitment of Collège Boréal in regards to increasing access to postsecondary programs available in French in this region. This is a welcomed initiative to kick start our 10th anniversary celebration in Central-Southwestern Ontario.”
“Promoting knowledge and a vibrant culture”
This is Collège Boréal’s vision, a French-language institution of postsecondary and skills training that has contributed to the growth and development of communities in Northern and Central-Southwestern Ontario since its foundation in 1995. Collège Boréal also encourages the values of humanism, excellence and inclusion, as well as an active awareness of environmental issues that affect our society. Collège Boréal is the first education sector representative officially designated by the Government of Ontario under the French Language Services Act.
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