Collège Boréal celebrates as it receives a significant funding for infrastructure projects

Collège Boréal celebrates as it receives a significant funding for infrastructure projects

Collège Boréal celebrates as it receives a significant funding for infrastructure projects

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 – Sudbury – Collège Boréal

Collège Boréal will receive the significant funding envelope of $ 5,710,940 from the federal and provincial governments for major infrastructure projects which will modernize existing facilities and enhance the institution’s capacity for research and innovation. The funds will be used to develop two distinct projects, one in Sudbury and the other, in Windsor. Here are a few details about these projects:

Centre de bien-être du Collège Boréal – Wellness Centre

Where: Sudbury campus

Cost of project: $ 8,639,506

Government contribution: $4,201,940

The new Wellness Centre will allow the College to conduct research in a number of areas, including the effect of physical activity on the mobility, independence and mental health of the aging population.

The facility will also become a laboratory for those students who have to maintain a certain level of physical fitness to meet professional standards required for their respective professions.

The construction of a green roof and greenhouse on the Centre’s roof will provide a unique opportunity to study this type of infrastructure in Northern Ontario so that researchers may better understand the impact of climate zones on potential crops.

Finally, Collège Boréal will be offering an innovative agricultural program. The addition of the incubator model will allow the students to develop technical competencies in the agro-food domain, as well as contribute to the development of an entrepreneurial culture with a strong bias for research.

Space modernization project

Where: Windsor access centre

Cost of project: $2,007,500

Government contribution: $1,500,000

Collège Boréal’s building located at 7515 Promenade Forest Glade in Windsor was once a community centre. This project aims to modernize the space and make it more energy efficient. Reorganizing the space will allow the College to increase the capacity in order to offer new programs and meet the needs of the francophone community in this region.

In the next five years, Collège Boréal projects to welcome more than 250 students in Windsor.

The College will transform the space using eco-friendly and energy efficient materials. These materials will reduce greenhouse emissions as well as operating costs of the building.


“On behalf of the students in Sudbury and Windsor, I would like to thank the governments of Canada and Ontario for believing in them by investing such a significant amount of money in these infrastructure projects. Thanks to these funds, Collège Boréal continue to work towards becoming the most innovative college in Canada!”

Daniel Giroux, President, Collège Boréal

Quick Facts

Established in 1995, Collège Boréal is a French-language postsecondary training and learning institution dedicated to the development and growth of French communities throughout the province.

Since 1995, over 116,000 clients across Ontario have benefited from College Boréal’s expertise relating to postsecondary education, training programs, services for immigrants, and services pertaining to employability. Collège Boréal offers a wide variety of services in 35 access centres in 25 communities across the province. Furthermore, Collège Boréal has developed and implemented over 60 articulation agreements with other postsecondary institutions.

According to the Key Performance Indicators recognized by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Collège Boréal now holds the top-ranking position in four out of the five areas surveyed! Out of all Ontario colleges, Boréal has the highest student satisfaction rate, graduation rate, graduate satisfaction rate, and employment rate in the province. Moreover, 93.8% of surveyed employers would recommend hiring Collège Boréal graduates!

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