Boréal’s 2017 Excellence Awards Recipients Revealed

Boréal’s 2017 Excellence Awards Recipients Revealed

Earlier this month, Collège Boréal announced the winners of its Excellence Awards for the 2016-2017 academic year. Prizes were awarded to four staff members who demonstrate exceptional dedication toward students. These individuals also convey Boréal’s corporate values: excellence, humanism, inclusion, innovation, and respect.

Staff members were invited to nominate employees who contribute to the college’s success through continued commitment. Detailed information highlighting each candidate’s contributions to the college’s strategic goals and corporate values was required as part of the nomination process. An advisory committee selected the four recipients after evaluating all nominations submitted by staff across the province. The awards were handed out to one employee in each of the following groups: support staff, faculty, management staff, and temporary staff.

Below are recipients’ names and nomination excerpts.

Support staff Guylain Dauphinais, Technologist, Sudbury

“Nicknamed the magician by several colleagues, Guylain provides continued support to Collège Boréal employees all across Ontario. He is an efficient and experienced employee who succeeds in solving technical issues quickly and calmly. Known for his friendly demeanour and great patience, Guylain always takes the time to explain how things work, identify issues, and walk you through the necessary step to remedy a situation – often repeatedly!”

Faculty – Camille Lemieux, Professor and Program Coordinator, Sudbury

“Passionate for his area of expertise, Camille demonstrates exceptional leadership skills. Thanks in part to his management abilities and innovative ideas, 100% of the college’s Funeral Services graduates have passed the provincial exam in the last two years. The success of his students is Camille’s number one priority. Each year, he organizes fundraising initiatives to cover the cost of educational trips and scholarships. His motivation, his commitment, and his sense of humour make him an ideal colleague and a great ambassador for the college.”

Management staffAnne Hogue, Purchasing Manager, Sudbury

“Anne has in-depth knowledge of her field and keeps up-to-date with the latest trends. In short, she can answer any question or provide a solution to any problem. Over the past year, Anne has played an important role in regard to quality control by suggesting improvements to the college’s current procedures. Thanks to her attention to detail, she ensures that all requests are advantageous and in the best interest of the college. In addition, her open-mindedness allows her to work in collaboration with other employees throughout the province.”

Temporary staff – Jessica Tracey, Training Program Officer, Windsor

“Jessica is committed to ensuring student success. She always takes the time to listen attentively in order to have a clear understanding of the problem at hand and to provide a solution. 100% committed in everything she does, Jessica manages to build the confidence of students who are struggling in their endeavours. She actively participates in recruitment strategies involving local high schools and proudly promotes French-language programs. She is a real gem not only for Collège Boréal as a whole, but also the French-speaking community in Windsor.”


“Collège Boréal’s exceptional Key Performance Indicator results are due to the commitment and contributions of staff members. I congratulate our four recipients whose work has been noted and commended by colleagues. These individuals convey the college’s values and foster knowledge and cultural awareness within the organization and across Ontario.”

Daniel Giroux, President, Collège Boréal

 From left to right: Mr. Daniel Giroux, Collège Boréal President, Mrs. Anne Hogue, Purchasing Manager, Mr. Camille Lemieux, Professor and Program Coordinator, and Mr. Guylain Dauphinais, Technologist.

 Mrs. Jessica Tracey, Training Program Officer.

Quick Facts

Established in 1995, Collège Boréal is a French language post-secondary training and learning institution dedicated to the development and growth of French communities throughout the province.

Collège Boréal offers a wide variety of programs and services at six campuses and 37 access centres in 25 communities across the province. Since 1995, approximately 120,000 clients across Ontario have benefited from College Boréal’s expertise relating to post-secondary education, training programs, immigration and settlement services, as well as employment services. Furthermore, Collège Boréal has developed and implemented over 70 articulation agreements with other post-secondary institutions.

According to the Key Performance Indicators recognized by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, Collège Boréal now holds the top-ranking position in three out of the five areas surveyed! Out of 24 Ontario colleges, Boréal has the highest student satisfaction rate, graduation rate, and graduate satisfaction rate in the province. Moreover, with 96%, Boréal ranks 3rd out of all 24 colleges in employer satisfaction!

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