21 Individuals Graduate from Unique Northern Leadership Program

21 Individuals Graduate from Unique Northern Leadership Program

The third cohort of the Northern Leadership Program (NLP) graduated on April 25, with strong skills to bring back to their roles as leaders within their respective organizations.  The unique program, which began as a pilot project in 2013, is a resounding success.  Since the first year, 59 Fellows have completed the program, including one person from Thunder Bay.

The goal of the NLP is to develop and accelerate leadership skills and capabilities, strengthen networks, and build leadership capacity within the North.  Using a model that includes monthly classroom sessions, diagnostics, individual development plans and action learning, participants have the opportunity to put new leadership skills into action immediately.  NLP Fellows also work with an executive coach, are mentored by community leaders and participate in peer coaching groups to further develop themselves as leaders.

The program partners for NLP Cohort 3, Child and Community Resources, Child and Family Centre, the City of Greater Sudbury, Collège Boréal, Laurentian University, and Science North each nominated Fellows to participate in this unique, one-year program. Each partner also developed leadership stretch initiatives that provided opportunities for the NLP Fellows working in cross-sectorial teams to put their leadership skills into action.

“The Northern Leadership Program is in alignment with two of Child & Community Resources’ (CCR) core values; learning and relationships,” stated Sherry Fournier, Executive Director of CCR. “NLP provides the opportunity for leaders to maximize their expertise, discover new skills and build relationships along the way. NLP supports leaders in building confidence, discovering their own authentic leadership voice and creates the space to design their own leadership journey. Confident, authentic, and curious leaders create confident, authentic and curious organizations that thrive in any climate. CCR is proud to be a part of the NLP, congratulations to all Fellows in Cohort 3.”

“As Lead Agency for Child and Youth Mental Health services, the Child and Family Centre is pleased to recognize its first graduates from the third cohort of the NLP. This is truly exciting,” said Linda Dugas, Executive Director of Child and Family Centre. “Having access to a high quality leadership development training program in Northern Ontario has been truly been beneficial. The Child and Youth Mental Health Sector is under transformation requiring us to lead and manage in times of uncertainty and ambiguity. Responding effectively to those challenges requires strong effective leadership. The NLP has been instrumental in supporting the growth and development of emerging leaders across sectors and CFC has benefitted tremendously. CFC is grateful to be a sponsor of the NLP.”

“Collège Boréal is proud of the third cohort of leaders graduating from the Northern Leadership Program,” noted Pierre Riopel, President of Collège Boréal. “We continue to build on the skills and knowledge accumulated through these learning experiences to enrich the culture of leadership within our institution and throughout the community and will for years to come. The networking within the program is certainly one of its greatest assets, allowing participants to establish personal relationships and valuable institutional partnerships,” said Pierre Riopel, Président, Collège Boréal.

“The past year has been a period of significant change at the City of Greater Sudbury. The Northern Leadership Program fosters the kinds of leadership competencies that make real differences to employees and citizens in times of change: courage, collaborative relationships, innovation and strategic insight and judgment. The City leaders who have participated in NLP are leveraging their experience in the program and beyond the program, emerging as change leaders in our organization,” stated Kevin Fowke, Interim CAO at the City of Greater Sudbury.

“Preparing agents of change who are empowered to create innovative solutions to future local issues is part of Laurentian University’s purpose. For us to be the most competitive university and region, we always need to develop the leadership skills within our institution, and within the broader community. The Northern Leadership Program helps Laurentian and its partner organizations to grow together, as we cultivate a new generation of leaders,” said Laurentian University President and Vice-Chancellor Dominic Giroux.

“We see the Northern Leadership Program as a solid investment in the emerging leaders of Northern Ontario,” stated Guy Labine, CEO of Science North. “Strong leaders are important for our community and our respective organizations. Through this program we’re taking concrete steps to accelerate leadership development and better position our organizations for success over the coming years. We are already seeing the positive and lasting impact of the Northern Leadership Program.”

The Northern Leadership Program is set to continue with the fourth cohort, which will graduate one year from now.

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Media contacts:

Sherry Fournier
Executive Director
Child & Community Resources
(705) 525-0055 ext. 2614

Linda Dugas
Executive Director
Mark Fraser
Director of System Planning and Quality Improvement
Child and Family Centre
705-566-5866, ext. 2533

Kevin Fowke
Interim CAO
City of Greater Sudbury

Jacqueline Gauthier
Senior Advisor, Communications and Public Affairs
Collège Boréal
705-560-6673, ext. 2720

Joanne Musico
Director, Communications
Laurentian University
705-675-1151, ext. 3445

Justine Martin
Marketing Specialist – Media & Communications
Science North
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Front Row(left to right): Natalie Croteau (Cohort 3 Fellow), France Giguère (Cohort 3 Fellow), Erin Dunn (Cohort 3 Fellow), Marilyn Kingsley (Cohort 3 Fellow), Dr. Lina Guzzo (Cohort 3 Fellow), Luisa Valle (Cohort 3 Fellow), NoreenMcChesney (Cohort 3 Fellow), Stephanie Deschenes (Cohort 3 Fellow), Bettina Brockerhoff-Macdonald (Cohort 3 Fellow), Kati McCartney (Cohort 3 Fellow), Kate Barber (Cohort 3 Fellow), Terez Klotz (Executive Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development, Laurentian University).

Back row(left to right): Pierre Riopel (Président, Collège Boréal), Chloe Gordon (Executive Manager, Office of the CEO, Science North), Sherry Fournier (Executive Director, Child & Community Resources), Linda Dugas (Executive Director, Child and Family Centre), Kevin Fowke (Interim CAO, City of Greater Sudbury), Melissa Anderson (Cohort 3 Fellow), Miranda Mackie (Cohort 3 Fellow), Jean-Mathieu Chénier (Cohort 3 Fellow), Kris Longston (Cohort 3 Fellow), Renée LePera (Cohort 3 Fellow), Angela McCandless (Cohort 3 Fellow), Martin Laferriere (Cohort 3 Fellow), Isabelle Ayotte (Cohort 3 Fellow), Daniel Leduc (Cohort 3 Fellow), Guy Labine (CEO, Science North), Allen Hirsh (Founder, NextGenLeaders).

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