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Campus de Toronto - Collège Boréal


Toronto is not only the biggest city in Canada, the economic, cultural and social capital of Ontario; it is also the place for you to enrich your social life and the ideal location to start a career.

The advantages of studying in Toronto

Students in Toronto can choose Collège Boréal for trainings as diverse as a career in business management, law, health and children’s education. Many classes are given by teachers that succeed in their domain because of their training, but mostly because of their on hand experience and their continuous relation with today’s businesses.

An open door to York University

For many years, the collaboration between Collège Boréal and Glendon College at York University has grown so much that they have now announced the instauration of an Excellence Centre for bilingual and French post secondary studies in southern Ontario. Many Collège Boréal classes are already offered at York Universities’ Glendon College. These classes will widen your horizons and give you a preview of the University lifestyle.

Internships for a better transition to the labour market

During your studies, internships will allow you to improve your skills and to gain new ones. They are a necessary transition to make you feel at ease in the workplace and who knows, they could be your first contact with your future employer.

Your integration

Collège Boréal in Toronto will be the motor to your integration to Canadian and North American society on personal and professional levels by offering you a multicultural environment and a training that will initiate you to the job market and its reality.

The campus’ staff is always willing to answer your questions or to help you in your first steps. Many services are available to you and we will be happy to help you enjoy them.

Don’t miss your chance, apply to meet us in September! See you soon!

Access Centres and partners

With 48 service points located in 38 Ontario communities, a grand territory covering as much as 96% of the province, Collège Boréal offers training, employment and integration services close to you.

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