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What does OCAS stand for?

OCAS stands for Ontario College Application Service. All Canadian students must use this service to apply to Ontario colleges. The website for OCAS is

Do I have to apply to OCAS?

Yes, you do, unless you are an international student (see International section).

What is a block transfer (advanced placement)?

A block transfer is possible when you have studied in a program similar to the one you want at Collège Boréal. It allows you to enroll in a more advanced stage of the program, beyond its first stage. For more information about the advanced placement program, email the Admissions Office at

When will I receive my offer of admission?

Regular offers (for all other programs) come out on February 1st. Candidates applying to a limited enrolment program will receive their offer around mid-March. The Admissions Office will mail out the offers, which are also posted in the application centre account ( Applicants must access their account and select “My Offers”.

Can my application be deferred to the following year if I decide not to start the program as scheduled?

The application is valid for one academic year only and cannot be deferred to the following year.

What are the admission requirements for a postsecondary program?

The minimum requirement for admission to a postsecondary program is an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. If you are 19 or older, but do not have an OSSD or equivalent, you may be admitted as a mature student if you satisfy all of the admission requirements.

What are the admission requirements for the different programs?

All of Boréal’s programs require one or two credits in French; however, conditions for admission vary depending on the program. See the program descriptions on our website:

The program I have chosen has “limited enrolment”. What does this mean?

A program has limited enrolment when it is in high demand and has limited seats. Interested candidates must apply before February 1st and provide all necessary documents before February 17th.

You must confirm your program choice before May 1st, or your seat may be offered to another applicant.

Which programs have limited enrolment?

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSCN)
  • Ultrasonography (post diploma certificate) (ÉCHO)
  • Veterinary Technician (VETQ and VEAQ)
  • Medical Radiation Technology (TRMG)

What are my chances of being accepted into a limited enrolment program?

If you applied before February 1st, you will receive equal consideration to other students. Your marks (and place of residence*) will determine whether you are accepted or placed on a waiting list.

*For limited enrolment programs, priority is given to Ontario applicants, then to other Canadian applicants, and finally, to international applicants.

What happens if I am on a waiting list?

The Admissions Office will notify you if you are on a waiting list for a limited enrolment program. We encourage you to confirm another program choice at Boréal to improve your possibility of being admitted as soon as a seat becomes available. The waiting list will be reviewed after May 1st. If a seat becomes available in your chosen program, the Admissions Office will send you an offer of admission.

If I applied to a two- or three-year program, why did I receive an offer for the first-year program?

Two- and three-year programs often share the same first and/or second year. These applications are therefore automatically changed to the one-year program. After you successfully complete your courses, you will automatically be enrolled in the two- or three-year program if you wish.


Programs involved:


One-year programs Two- or three-year programs
MMLO Motive Power Techniques – Heavy Equipment MMLQ Heavy Equipment Technician
SOUA Welding Techniques SOUQ Welder/Fabricator Technician
GBUR Office Administration – General DBUR Office Administration — Executive
ELTC Electrical Techniques ELTQ Techniques du génie électrique

ELNG Electrical Engineering Technician

ELTG Electrical Engineering Technologist

SEAG Energy Systems Engineering — Alternative Energy

PRMC Mechanical Techniques MFPU Mechanical Technician — Machinist

MINQ Mechanical Engineering Technician – Millwright

GINF Computer Technical Support INFG Computer Engineering Technologist

GINQ Computer Engineering Technician

GSCE Stage Management Assistant TGSC Stage Management Technician
ARCC Culinary Arts – Chef Training GCUL Culinary Management
ARTS Arts Fundamentals ANIM Digital Animation
ARTQ Architectural Technician ARTG Architectural Technologist
CIVQ Construction Engineering Technician – Civil and Mining CIVG Construction Engineering Technologist – Civil and Mining
CHEQ Chemical Laboratory Engineering Technician – Environment CHIG Chemical Engineering Technologist
FPFQ Fish, Wildlife, and Forestry Technician FPFG Fish and Wildlife Management Technologist

FORG Forestry Technologist

Why have I not received any offers for my program choices?

Applicants who do not qualify for a particular program will receive a letter of explanation. However, we will be happy to offer the General Arts and Science Program (PASC) or the Pre-Health Sciences Program.

If you feel that relevant information is missing from your file, contact the Admissions Office immediately at 705-560-6673, ext. 1090, or toll-free at 1-800-361-6673, ext. 1090.

What is the procedure for changing my program choice in my application?

The steps for making changes are outlined on the website at You will need your OCAS password. If you have forgotten it, you can contact the Application Service:

Ontario Colleges

Tel.: 519-763-4725

Tel.: 1-888-892-2228 (toll-free in Canada)

If I received a letter notifying me that I have not satisfied the admission requirements, what is the next step?

The School of Advancement and General Science offers all the upgrading courses required for admission to a college program. This is a free program. To register, contact the office at 705-560-6673, ext. 3085, or

Once registered, send an email to to notify us that you have initiated the process for satisfying the admission requirements. Then, you may receive a conditional offer of admission from the Admissions Office. This means that you will be accepted into your chosen program on condition that you complete the prerequisite course before the start of the program.

When does my program start?

Most of our programs start in September, with some starting in January. Contact us for more information.

When must I complete the mandatory prerequisite courses for my postsecondary program?

Before starting your postsecondary program classes.

What is a conditional offer of admission?

It means that you are accepted based on certain conditions. You must make sure that you satisfy your program’s requirements before classes start; if you fail to do this, the offer will be retracted, and you will not be able to register.

Examples of conditions:

  • Proof of a study permit
  • Proof of citizenship
  • High school diploma
  • Subject requirements (prerequisites)

If I am 19 years old or older, but do not have an OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) or a QSSD (Quebec Secondary School Diploma), can I apply to a postsecondary program?

Yes. Upon reaching the age of 19, you are considered a mature applicant. If you satisfy the admission requirements or have the prerequisites, you can be admitted without a high school diploma.

Do I have to send in my high school transcript?

No. Ontario school boards will send us the transcripts of applicants who are currently in high school as proof of their diploma.

Applicants from high schools outside of Ontario must email their transcript to

Do I need to have my Quebec or New Brunswick diplomas and transcripts evaluated?

No, Collège Boréal has already evaluated and established the equivalents.

Quebec and New Brunswick high school diplomas are equivalent to the OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). For more information about course equivalents between Ontario and Quebec or New Brunswick, visit

When do I have to confirm my program choice?

The deadline to confirm your acceptance for a limited enrolment program is May 1st. If you applied to an open enrolment program, confirm your acceptance online as soon as possible at the following address:

What is the next step after confirming my acceptance?

We will send out correspondence by post and email. Regularly check the email you used for your application. Details about the registration process and tuition payment will be emailed in mid-May.

In the meantime, we suggest you:

  • apply to OSAP for financial aid (if applicable) at and fill in a grant application;
  • apply for residence (if applicable) before the deadline. The application is online at

You can also become a “Student for a day”! In the spring, you will have a chance to attend some of your chosen program’s classes and meet the coordinators and professors. Contact the campus of your choice to confirm your visit.

When do I submit the $500 deposit for my tuition fees?

You must make the deposit no later than June 15th.

When do I pay my tuition fees?

  • The deadline to pay your fall tuition without a late fee is Wednesday, September 23.
  • The deadline to pay your winter tuition without a late fee is Monday, January 18.

Where can I find the approximate fees for the program I want?

You can find approximate tuition fees in Collège Boréal’s calendar as well as on the website:


You can find international student tuition fees at the following link:

Where can I find more information about loans and grants?

This information can be found online:

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Government financial aid programs

Collège Boréal bursaries

Work Boréal—a program providing employment opportunities on campus

Which programs are available for international students?

International students can apply to any program. However, certain programs have limited enrolment; priority will be given to Ontario students, then to other Canadian students, and finally, to international students.

I am an international student. How do I apply?

You must fill out the international student application form on Collège Boréal’s website:

The form must be mailed or emailed along with a copy of all academic documents (diploma, bachelor’s degree, transcript, etc.) to There is a $200 application fee, which includes the evaluation of your credentials through an external organization. This step is necessary to determine the Canadian equivalents of your studies. We will contact you by mail or email with a decision regarding your admission.

Do I have to pay the full tuition amount before starting school?

No, you only need to submit a deposit of $2,020.09. If you are unable to obtain a study permit, the deposit will be reimbursed.

  • The deadline to pay your fall tuition without a late fee is Wednesday, September 23rd.
  • The deadline to pay your winter tuition without a late fee is Monday, January 18th.

Must I have my international diplomas evaluated?

Yes, we must determine the Canadian equivalents of your credentials before making an offer of admission.

Designated Learning Institution

Starting June 1, 2014, international applicants must include a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number on their study permit application.

The Designated Learning Institution number for Collège Boréal is: O19395678039

For more information, visit

When and where must I hand in my study permit application (visa)?

Once your application has been accepted by the College, you must apply for a study permit (visa) at the office of your nearest Canadian diplomatic mission.

Can I visit the College before I apply?

Our doors are always open for guided tours of the campus. For an appointment, contact the Liaison Office at 1-800-361-6673 or 705-560-6673, ext. 6024. You can also come see us during the Open House at our main campus in Sudbury.

How do I apply to the residence?

You must apply online through the website:

When is the residence application deadline?

Registrations will be accepted until April 15. Any application received after April 15 will be placed on a waiting list.

For any questions about the residence, see the “Frequently Asked Questions”:

What is my student number?

Your student number is included in all your correspondence (letters). If you cannot find it, send an email to

What happens if my program has medical requirements?

Si ton programme a des exigences If your program has particular requirements, the required forms will be emailed to you. These will include a table of mandatory requirements to be filled out, which will indicate any medical requirements that must be satisfied along with deadlines. These forms are also available online at

Does Collège Boréal accept applicants from French Immersion schools?

Yes, but only if the applicant has taken French Immersion classes and has obtained a French Immersion Certificate. Applicants who have taken Core French or Extended French do not meet the admission requirements for the French course.

Does Collège Boréal accept applicants who have taken workplace preparation courses (academic courses)?

No. University or college preparation courses are necessary to have the knowledge and skills needed to satisfy admission requirements.

MTCU Binding Policy Directive
The college preparation courses offered in many Ontario high schools have been designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to satisfy the admission requirements of all college programs. University and college preparation course content is developed in relation to college and university programs. University course content corresponds both to university degree programs and applied college degree programs.

What is the program application deadline?

The deadline for limited enrolment programs is February 1st. All other programs remain open until they are full or until classes start. The Application Service (OCAS) maintains and updates the status of programs until the first week of September.

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