International Applicants

International applicants (study permit) do not apply via the application centre.

To apply, you must fill out the International Application Form and return it to us via email at

You must also send us, via email, a certified copy of your academic documents (i.e. diploma, Bachelor degree, transcript, certificates, etc.).

There is a $200 application fee, which includes the evaluation of international documents. This step is necessary to establish the Canadian equivalency of your studies. This fee is payable by bank transfer, money order, or credit card. Please notify us when you make a payment.

Method of payment

Designated Learning Institution

To apply for a study permit on or after June 1, 2014, you will need to include the Designated Learning Institution number (DLI #), which is the number that begins with the letter “O”, on your application form.  Collège Boréal’s DLI number is O19395678039. For more information, please visit

Tuition Fees

To find out more about international tuition fees (which differ from regular fees), payment methods, and deposit amounts, please see the appropriate tabs under Registrar Services.

International students must submit their complete banking information (institution, transit, and account numbers) to to facilitate transactions in the event of fee reimbursement, in accordance to Boréal’s refund policy.

International Payment Methods

Six (6) payment methods are available:

  • Western Union
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards (MasterCard/Visa)
  • Cheques (posted cheques will not be accepted)
  • Cash
  • Online Banking Services with the following banking institutions:
    • Caisses Desjardins
    • Caisses populaires de l’Ontario
    • RBC Royal Bank
    • BMO Bank of Montreal
    • Scotia Bank
    • Credit Union Central of Ontario