Policies, Information, and Documentation

This section includes various documents regarding the orientation and policies of the Collège. The activity plan represents the current objectives, steps taken and orientation of the Collège.

Strategic Plan

The Plan stratégique focuses on a longer period of five years. It was developed following a great deal of consultation. Its goal is to identify the steps the Collège has taken in a global or overall context and to orient day-to-day decision-making in accordance with the strategic focuses determined after wise reflection.

Annual Report

The Annual Report gives an overview of the Collège’s successes and projects over the past year. It lists the main initiatives and achievements, for example, regarding improvements to our programs and computer management systems, effective functioning, and the diversity of our professional training programs.

Accessibility Plan

The Plan d’accessibilité describes the measures taken by the Collège in the past and those that will be taken in the future to eliminate and prevent any problems in accessing the facilities and services of the College.

Activity Plan

The goal of the Plan d’activités is to present an overview of the objectives, activity plan and orientations of Collège Boréal and the steps it anticipates taking.

Financial Statements

Financial statements – income and expenditure statements, changes in net assets and cash flow for the year ended on that date.

Multiyear Agreement

Multiyear agreement: the current multiyear action plan aims to give a brief overview of the way in which each institution uses its entire operating budget.

Strategic Mandate Agreement

Ontario Regulation 397/11

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans

General Emergency Plan