Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Since 1998, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and the colleges of applied arts and technology have defined five Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure, in a consistent manner across the college system, college performance against Ministry stated goals and objectives for post-secondary programs. The five KPIs are: student satisfaction, graduate satisfaction, graduation rate, graduate employment rate and employer satisfaction. The KPI data are used by colleges to demonstrate their achievements and to identify where changes could be made to programs and services to better meet the needs of students. The Ministry also uses the data to advise and inform government about the colleges and in the planning and policy-making for the college system.


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Collège Boréal is, once again, leading the pack in Ontario!


Colleges Ontario published its 2017-2018 performance indicators for Ontario colleges on Monday, November 19, 2018, and again Collège Boréal stands out by earning the top rank in three of the five evaluated performance indicators.

Collège Boréal maintains its status as Ontario’s top-ranking college in 2017-2018

Year after year, Collège Boréal has achieved outstanding results in the evaluation of performance indicators and its results for 2017-2018 extend the trend.

For the 14th time in 17 years, Boréal ranks first in Ontario for graduate satisfaction and for the 17th time in 18 years, Boréal ranks first for graduation rate.

For all five performance indicators, Collège Boréal has equaled or surpassed the average of all 24 Ontario colleges.

High student satisfaction

In particular, Collège Boréal boasts outstanding results for the student satisfaction indicator. For a third consecutive year, Boreal students have ranked their college first among all 24 Ontario colleges.

Boréal has also reached new heights this year by achieving the best results for each of the four key questions aimed at student satisfaction with their college experience.

Performance indicators are tools that allow colleges to demonstrate their accomplishments and to identify areas of improvement within their programs and services in order to better meet the needs of their students.

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities also uses this data to advise and inform the government about colleges, to plan the development of the college network and to monitor the implementation of college-related policies.

The results of the survey are posted online at

Quick facts

Student satisfaction rate

  • 86.3% of students are satisfied with the learning experience, support services and educational resources they received at Collège Boréal (top ranking). This result is 9.9 points above the provincial average;
  • 94.8% of students consider that Collège Boréal provides them with the knowledge and skills they will need in their careers (top ranking);
  • 86.5% of students indicate that their program provides quality learning experiences;
  • 81.2% of students appreciate the overall quality of Collège Boréal’s services (top ranking), a result that is 20.1 points higher than the provincial average;
  • 82.6% of students consider that Collège Boréal offers quality physical resources and equipment;
  • 80% of students consider that Boréal’s staff truly cares about their success (23% above provincial average);
  • 82% are pleased with their overall college experience (15% above provincial average);
  • 90% of students would recommend Collège Boréal to their friends and other interested persons.

Graduate satisfaction rate

  • 89.6% of graduates are satisfied or very satisfied with their college experience (top ranking), a result that is 10.1 points higher than the provincial average;
  • 95% of graduates would recommend Collège Boréal to their friends and other interested persons;
  • 91% of graduates would recommend their respective programs as well.

Graduation rate

  • 75.3% of students enrolled at Collège Boréal obtained their diploma, a result that is 8.5 points higher than the provincial average.

Employability rate

  • 89% of Collège Boréal graduates have found a job.
  • Collège Boréal ranks first among northern Ontario colleges for student placement.

Employer satisfaction

  • 92.3% of employers who hired a Collège Boréal graduate are satisfied or very satisfied with their employee;

90% of employers would recommend hiring a Collège Boréal graduate to other employers.


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