July 1993

Announcement of the creation of a French-language college in Northern Ontario!

November 1993

Appointment of the members of the first Board of Governors of the Collège du Nord

June 1994

Unveiling of the institution’s official name as Collège Boréal and its visual identity components

August 1994

Announcement of the location of the main campus and selection of six  municipalities to establish regional campuses
Appointment of Jean Watters as the first President

September 1995

Official opening of Collège Boréal

October 1997

Inauguration of the main campus

December 1998

Appointment of Gisèle Chrétien as President

September 2002

Collège Boréal extends its territory to the Central-South-West region

September 2005

Inauguration of the first student residence: the Vale Inco residence

January 2006

Appointment of Denis Hubert-Dutrisac as President

September 2006

Inauguration of the new Institut des métiers et technologies appliqués (Institute for Applied Trades and Technologies), on the main campus
Announcement of the construction of a new campus in Timmins

May 2008

Signing of the first Memorandum of  Understanding between the six francophone school boards, Collège Boréal and the two francophone  universities in Northern Ontario pertaining to Ontario’s French Language Planning Policy

June 2008

The government of Ontario designates Collège Boréal as an official French language service  provider under the French Language Services Act

November 2008

Inauguration of « Notre place » at the main campus

October 2009

Inauguration of the new campus in Timmins

December 2009

Inauguration of the Centre Xstrata Nickel de recherches appliquées en biodiversité  (Xstrata Nickel Centre for Applied Research in Biodiversity)

April 2010

Unveiling of the coat of arms

September 2012

Official opening of the Concert Hall at the main campus
Official opening of the Toronto campus located at 1 Yonge Street

September 2013

Appointment of Pierre Riopel as President

September 2016

Appointment of Daniel Giroux as President